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Some hype for Winter Classic

I figured with two days before one of the biggest sporting event ever to be played in Buffalo it was time to start hyping it up.  There is plenty of hype throughout the internet so I thought I would take some of the best and post it here for you to read.  I will say one thing ...let's hope the Sabres can have a better outing than the Bills did the last time they played at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Jason Pominville has a blog on and he weighs in with his thoughts on the game.

The buildup for the NHL Winter Classic is getting bigger. Looking at the weather for Jan. 1, a few guys asked today what the forecast was. We are slowly starting to think about it a little more. It’s going to be exciting. As we get closer and closer, the buildup will be more than what it is now. We are all anxious and looking forward to it.

Let's hope this is why they have played so poorly as of late and they will be able to use the game Tuesday as a springboard into the second half of the season.

The Ultimate Sports Road Trip has more pictures of the Stadium in preparation for the event. has been posting outdoor memories form a bunch of players.

Jaro Spacek
Outdoor stories from 47 players
Brian Campbell
Georges Laraque at the Heritage Classic
Max Afinogenov

They also take a look at what the equipment managers will do to prepare for the outdoor atmosphere.

Finally...Ryan Miller will sport a new mask made just for the event.

There you have a primer for the game on New Years Day.  The NHL network will televise practice on Monday from 12:30-4 so make sure to tune in.  I will do an open thread for the practice so if you are watching it make sure to check out Die by the Blade and join in the conversation.