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Some thoughts on the Flyers series

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As I mentioned I was unable to see most of the action this weekend due to some circumstances beyond my control but I did catch the final 10 minutes of last nights game.  It was a very entertaining finish to the game as well.  I wish I could have seen the action live but I'm watching it on tape delay as we speak.

  • I never expected the "boos" for Briere to be so loud.  I thought that maybe some people would boo him and others would cheer but the boos were loud.  I wasn't sure what I would do if I were at the game, boo or cheer.  I am alright with people booing him, they weren't booing Briere the person they were booing the fact that he is on another team.  The fans in Buffalo are extremely passionate and they cheer for the logo on the front of the jersey more than the name on the back of the jersey.  Keep up the good work Sabres fans.

  • The Ryan Miller fist pump at the end of the game Saturday certainly summed up the emotion of the Sabres victory over Philadelphia.  Sure it was a big four points but it meant so much more to these guys who wanted to win against Briere and Biron.

  • How do you allow two shorthanded goals in a matter of 55 seconds?  That is unacceptable by any standards.

  • My personal feelings on Danny Briere are simple.  I don't think Briere had any intention of staying in Buffalo although I think he did a good job from PR standpoint, making people believe those were his intentions.  I challenge anyone to go back and watch last years playoffs and tell me he "paid the price".  He did whatever he could to make sure he didn't get hurt so he didn't miss out on a huge payday.

  • The Sabres were the benefactors of a questionable icing call in the final 15 seconds of Saturday nights game.  I know most Buffalo fans agree with the call and most Flyers fans do not but I want to know what you think.  My personal feeling is simple, Paetsch probably could have touched the puck before it reached the goal line so I guess they made the wrong call but it was clear what the Flyers intentions were on that play and I don't think you should be allowed to just clear the puck like that without any repercussions.

  • All Sabres fans are partial to Rick Jeannerrett when it comes to play by play but we don't realize how good we really have it.  If you are an out of town fan I suggest that you listen to the games online so you can here RJ make his calls.  I guess that is somewhat unfair to some of the really good broadcasters out there who do a good job of giving credit where credit is due.  I was forced to listen to the Flyers broadcast on XM radio last night and the broadcast was ridiculously one-sided.  I understand the theory that you broadcast for one team but a little bit less "homerism" would be greatly appreciated.  The radio crew of Tim Saunders and Brian Propp would not be considered impartial by any stretch.  Jaro Spacek scored a goal that put Buffalo ahead 4-3 in the second and I wasn't even sure they scored.  Saunders called the game as if nothing happened, in fact he sounded dejected.

  • I'm currently watching the Friday night game and what a hit by Spacek on Briere!