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[open thread] Sabres @ Capitals

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Time: 7:00 TV: MSG(HD) Radio: WGR55

The Sabres were able to bounce back from a disappointing loss against the Boston Bruins on Monday with a 5-3 victory at home against the NY Islanders.  They have put at least 40 shots on goal in the past two games.  The last time they were on the road was last Saturday when they beat the San Jose Sharks 7-1.

I'm not really sure about anyone else but I get really excited anytime I get to see the best players in hockey play and you have to consider Alex Ovechkin as one of the best.  Ovechkin is big strong and most of all talented.  He leads the Capitals in just about every category except penalty minutes and he could probably lead that category to if he wasn't so important.  Ovechkin will never shy away from the physical game and he is even willing to initiate it.  I'm sure Sabres fans remember his hit on Daniel Briere last season, although it was a dirty hit it proves his physicality.

There will be a special edition of Sabres Weekly tonight at 11pm EST on TPS

Team Leaders

Buffalo Sabres

  • Goals:Derek Roy 11
  • Points: Derek Roy 24
  • +/-: Derek Roy +7
  • PIM: Paul Gaustad 49

Washington Capitals

  • Goals:  Alex Ovechkin 22
  • Points:  Alex Ovechkin 37
  • +/-: Alex Ovechkin +9
  • PIM: Donald Brashear 47

Projected Line combinations

Buffalo Forwards
26-Vanek, 9-Roy, 21-Stafford
55-Hecht, 28-Gaustad, 29-Pominville
12-Kotalik, 19-Connolly, 61-Afinogenov
37-Ryan, 22-Mair, 20-Paille

Buffalo Defensemen
6-Spacek, 51-Campbell
5-Lydman, 10-Tallinder

35-Thibault, 30-Miller

As per usual this thread is meant to spur conversation and create a Buffalo Sabres community.  If you're watching the game you might as well join us and chat a little bit.  I highly recommend you create a free account and grab a beer and join us for some good conversation.