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Diary writing contest

In an effort to build the community here at Die by the Blade I have decided to create a contest that anyone can win.  Because the purpose of the contest is to build the community I have decide that anyone is eligible as long as they are a Sabres fan.  

The rules of the contest are simple.  All you have to do is write a diary of at least 200 words explaining why you are a Sabres fan and when you became a Sabres fan.  I tried something similar earlier where I wanted people to introduce themselves and I didn't receive much response so this time I will give you some incentive because you can win a Sabres poster courtesy of

The winner will receive this poster courtesy of

If you do not know how to write a diary than please read the help section in the top right corner under menu.  In order to write a diary you need to be registered for the site so make sure you sign up immediately and write your diary.

The deadline for your entry is December 31, 2007 and after that I will choose 3-5 entries and put it up for a vote on the site, so you help pick the winner.  The reason I am putting it up for a vote is nobody is ineligible including my friends and family.  Remember the purpose for the contest is to help build the community and make this site a place for people to unleash their feelings about the Sabres.  I hope to have many more contests in the future as well.