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MacArthur called up

It looks like Clarke MacArthur will be the only player called up for the Buffalo Sabres which makes for an interesting lineup tonight against the Boston Bruins.  It lends one to believe that both Michael Ryan and Andrew Peters will be in the lineup which creates some interesting matchups.  I think you'll see the lineup look something like this...

Line 1: Vanek-Roy-Stafford
Line 2: Hecht-MacArthur-Pominville
Line 3: Kotalik-Gaustad-Afinogenov
Line 4: Paille-Ryan-Peters

Def 1: Lydman-Tallinder
Def 2: Sekera-Campbell
Def 3: Paetsch-Weber

I know that Sekera had a minor injury after the Montreal game but they did not call up a defenseman yet so I have to assume that he will be in the lineup tonight.  If any more information becomes available throughout the day I will post it here or in the open thread.