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Is Max on the move?

It seems lie at least one time per season there are trade rumors including Max Afinogenov.  It is likely that these rumors are fabricated by either a fan, a member of the media or someone who is in the business of fabricating rumors.  The rumors are usually not true but yet they continue to happen.  This season is no exception as the latest rumors have the Buffalo Sabres shipping Max to the St. Louis Blues for defenseman Jay McKee.  My response to these rumors is pretty simple...ARE YOU JOKING?  There is a snowball chance in hell that this trade would ever occur.

First of all Max is an explosive player who is sometimes careless with the puck and Jay McKee is a over-payed defenseman who has struggled with injuries over the past two seasons.  Afinogenov has been basically a point per game player over the past couple of seasons and he is a threat to score anytime he touches the puck, why would the Sabres trade him?  The answer is that Darcy will not trade him unless a really good deal comes up and I'm guessing it won't be for Jay McKee.


In other Sabres news it looks like Tim Connolly might be able to play tomorrow night against the Ottawa Senators.  The Sabres would welcome Connolly back with open arms since they have really missed his playmaking skills since his injury.  It looks like a line of Connolly-Kotalik-Afinogenov will take the ice if Connolly is able to return.  Look out while this line turns up the heat and becomes the playmaking line this team has lacked all season.

Ales Kotalik said he'll probably skate with Connolly, and Ruff said that he's considering using Connolly with slumping winger Maxim Afinogenov, making a Kotalik/Connolly/Afinogenov a distinct possibility.

It will be fun to watch this line play...with the incredible play making of Tim Connolly, the skill of Max Afinogenov and the shot of Ales Kotalik this line could reek havoc on opposing defenses.


Should Sabres trade Max?

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