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Sabres out of slump?

The Buffalo Sabres scored the first goal of the game for the first time in 15 games and they scored the second and third as well.  They were able to jump out to a 3-0 in the first period before the Canadiens decided to wake up and play.  The Habs definitely woke up in the second period scoring just 2:01 into the period but Clarke MacArthur scored his second of the game in order to put Buffalo back ahead by three.  It was a game that was reminiscent of last season when they would control play in chunks and would be rewarded by scoring goals.  Goals are something that has not come easy for this team so maybe this game will help them gain some confidence.

Of course I'm just like everyone else in that this game made me feel pretty good about where this team is at but quite honestly it's just one game of a long season.  The fact that they beat Montreal looks really good on paper but reality is that Montreal has an inflated record because of a ridiculously good power play and ridiculously good goaltending.  The fact reamains that both their power play and goaltending failed them tonight and they looked like the team they really are.

I can honestly say that this team played better in most of the games on the most recent losing streak than they did tonight but the score is what matters.  The two points are great but hopefully this game will help build up the confidence of a very skilled team that had become seriously frustrated by the lack of goal scoring.  I thought Thomas Vanek played his best game of the season tonight and I thought he had been playing pretty well previously.

The Sabres will now be off until Wednesday when they try to exact revenge on Ottawa Senators who beat them 3-2 on Thursday night.  The game will be played at HSBC Arena in Buffalo.