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Best American Born Players

Apparently "The Four Letter Network" is trying to get themselves back into the hockey world.  In light of the recent milestones by American born players Mike Modano and Jeremy Roenick they have compiled a list of the top ten American Born Players.  The list is not bad but I have made a few alterations for my personal satisfaction.  It makes no sense to leave Keith Tkachuk off the list so I included him on mine.  I also don't understand how Mike Eruzione could be on the list, he wasn't even the best player on that team.  I am as patriotic as the next guy and I am forever grateful to Eruzione for scoring the greatest goal in American Hockey history but that does not earn him a spot on this list.  

The List:

1.  Pat Lafontaine - LaLaLaLa-Fontaine!!!
2.  Phil Housley - Wowie Housley!!!
3.  Mike Modano - Give us back our cup!!
4.  Brian Leetch - Another great offensive defenseman
5.  Joey Mullen - 1063 career points/ averaged a point per game over career
6.  Mike Richter - As much credit as Messier gets for 1994, most belongs to this guy
7.  Chris Chelios - He's still playing...need I say more
8.  Tom Barrasso - Another Sabres...although he won a cup with the Penguins
9.  Keith Tkachuk - we passed him up for Brad May, no lie!
10. Jeremy Roenick - just couldn't leave him off the list

Honorable mention: Mike Ramsey, Neal Broten and Tony Amonte

A big thanks to Goose's Roost for the pointer.

I would love to hear your top ten American Born players as well so leave it in the comments and we'll debate it.