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Sabres off to rough start

The Buffalo Sabres are off to a rough start after losing their first two games against the NY Islanders. I'm not here to be a Buffalo Sabres apologist but I will say relax, it's only two games. It's only two games into the season and we're already hearing fans complain.  This is the team we expected right?  A young but talented team, that was going to struggle to find their way.  There were a lot of mistakes in the first two games but there were some positives to take out of it as well, especially Saturday.  It's not time to panic yet, and I say yet.  I've been hearing things like "Roy and Vanek are busts...not living up to their contracts", "Darcy Regier should be fired for ruining the team" and also "I can't believe that we went from first place to a team that's going to miss the playoffs".  News flash...There are 80 games left in the season, there is still a little bit of time for this to turn around.  In fact the Sabres have played against only one team thus far, there are many more to play against.

In the opening game Friday night both Roy and Vanek scored a goal and they were both shut out on Saturday.  If my scientific calculations are correct they are bot on pace for 41 goals on the season.  Will they get get it?  Who knows...probably not but I will be willing to wager they will not score every game.

It's is beyond comprehension how anyone could want Darcy Regier fired.  He has done so many good things for the Buffalo Sabres organization through the years.  The team would not be where they are today without the moves that Darcy Regier has made in the past.  Did management make some mistakes this past off season?  In hindsight the answer is yes but it was impossible to predict the future last season.  If forced to make a decision between keeping Drury and Briere or Vanek and Roy you have to choose Vanek and Roy.  If we were talking about this season Drury and Briere will probably be better but let's revisit this in a couple of years.

Buffalo fans seem to always have a negative outlook on everything and the Drury/Briere situation is no different.  I am tired of hearing about them's time to move on.  If you want to cheer on Drury and Briere be my guest but please leave the Buffalo Sabres out of it...they have moved on and it's time you do too.  Drury could not get the Sabres past the Ottawa Senators last season and nothing has changed.  The final score on Saturday was Ottawa 2 NY Rangers 0.

It's a long season Sabres fans, and it will be filled with ups and downs.  The only team the Sabres have lost to is a much improved NY Islanders team with a great goaltender.  On Saturday Rick Dipietro outplayed Ryan Miller and the Sabres lost, thats the bottom line.  The team will be back in action on Thursday after a couple of days to figure out what went wrong, lets just see what happens.


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