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What's in the News

I figured I would take a trip around the web to fill you in on some Sabres news in the absence of any games.  The schedule makers are not friendly having Buffalo play three games in four days before taking four days off. has a great feature on Brian Campbell.  It is a must read and is only enhancing the negotiating power for Brian Campbell.  There have been numerous debates about the worth of Brian Campbell so I ask you how much is Brian Campbell worth to the Sabres.

The Buffalo News blog Sabres Edge takes a look at the fact the Sabres will wear white at home for some games against divisional opponents.  Some people may care but I don't I just want to see them win and I don't care what color they are wearing.  With that being said I do like the white jersey better than the blue.

The last stop is where they have a feature on consistent play or should I say lack thereof. also brings up that Jaro Spacek may play on Thursday against the Boston Bruins.  Spacek would give this team a huge boost as he was the catalyst of the power play when he was healthy.