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Western Conference: Northwest Division

The final Western Conference divisional preview is here.  It's time to preview the division that is quite possibly the most competitive division in hockey.  As is per usual check out the NHL and TSN previews for each team. previews previews

Calgary Flames

2006-2007: 43-29-10 96 points...3rd division...8th conference

Outlook:  Calgary was one of the best home teams last season but they struggled on the road last season.  They brought in Mike Keenan to coach the team and the hope is that he will instill some discipline in the team and help them become a better road team.  A slight improvement on the road will propel the Flames to a division title.

Prediction: 1st division, 3rd conference


Vancouver Canucks

2006-2007: 49-29-7 105 points...1st division...3rd conference

Outlook:  Vancouver will still struggle to to score goals this season but they have Roberto Luongo in net.  Luongo will be enough to keep the Canucks competitive.

Prediction: 2nd division, 5th conference


Minnesota Wild

2006-2007: 48-26-8 104 points...2nd division...7th conference

Outlook:  Minnesota will continue to be a solid, but not spectacular team through the years.  They are well coached team that plays well at both ends of the ice.

Prediction: 3rd division, 7th conference


Colorado Avalanche

2006-2007:  44-31-7 95 points...4th division...9th conference

Outlook:  Colorado added Ryan Smyth and Scott Hannan to try and make a push for the playoffs...only time will tell whether or not those guys will make a difference.

Prediction:  4th division, 8th conference


Edmonton Oilers

2006-2007: 32-43-7 71 points...5th division...13th conference

Outlook:  Edmonton made some off season acquisitions such as Sheldon Souray and Dustin Penner.  Many people, myself included, think that the Oilers overpayed for Dustin Penner but sometimes you have to do that to get better.  I don't think the Oilers really got any better this off season.

Prediction: 5th division, 12th conference