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Spacek out for the weekend

Jaroslav Spacek is off to a hot start for the Sabres this season so let's hope that a little time off won't affect his play when he comes back.  Spacek was hit into the boards by Nik Antropov on Monday night and suffered was being termed an upper body injury. He will be out for at least the weekend and then he will be day-to-day after that.

"He’s sore," Ruff said of Spacek. "He’s going to be out for the weekend and then we’ll just evaluate it on a day-to-day basis after that."

Of course we all know he has an injury and is not just sore...he's a hockey player, they don't sit out for a week because they are sore!

The Sabres broadcasters will wear commemorative pink ribbons on Friday night as part of the hockey fights cancer nights put on by the NHL.  It's a small thing to do but is very important that the Sabres and the NHL recognize this disease and others.  It's always good when professional leagues hold commemorative events to recognize things of this nature.