12 Questions For Christmas - #7

There have been lots of negatives for the Sabres the last few games. To get your Christmas week off on a good start, we'll take a look at one of the few bright spots for the team this year. Wingers Thomas Vanek (career stats)and Jason Pominville (career stats)have been on a tear this season, and despite the revolving door at center on the top line, they have been at an impressive point-per-game pace.

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#7 - Can both Vanek and Pominville break the 100-point mark?

Left winger Vanek is averaging 1.06 ppg, projecting to 87.1 points over an 82-game season. Captain Pominville is at 1.09 ppg, enough for 89.7 points. Both marks would be career highs for the players. If they maintain their current pace, it will be first time a Sabres forward has surpassed 85 points since '06-'07 when Danny Briere had 95 (Vanek had 84 that year). In the '07-'08 season Derek Roy scored 81 points and Pominville had 80.

Last season the Sabres took off on a tear after the New Year - with a similar run, both wingers should be able to crack the century milestone, injuries and missed games notwithstanding. Do you think they can? And a secondary question - who of the two ends the year as Sabres leading scorer?