12 Questions For Christmas - #5

After another demoralizing loss, this time at the Ottawa Senators, there really is very little to cheer about for the Buffalo Sabres. Very little.

Looks like the armchair GMs among us quite enjoyed themselves yesterday wheeling and dealing with the Sabres defense corps. So today's '12 Questions For Christmas' will cater to you again, taking buffaloparks' suggestion.

#5 - Are the Sabres buyers at the trade deadline?

A few days ago in response to questions about the team's current slump, Sabres President Ted Black called for patience, and asked fans to take a few deep breaths and call him later in the season. But following Saturday night's debacle at the Penguins, even owner Terry Pegula showed his open-wallet-policy is starting to wear thin after making some snide comments regarding the goaltending.

The trade deadline this season will be sometime in February, after the NHL All Star weekend. At their current pace, the Sabres might be very far out of playoff contention by that time. The door to the physio's office in the locker room is being propped wide open and we're losing players as fast as we can get them back.

So, do the Sabres wait for the trade deadline, or do we see moves being made? And if so, who's going out, and who could be coming in?