A section devoted to using advanced statistical methods in analysis our beloved Buffalo Sabres.

When was the last time each Sabres player scored?


With the Sabres offense stalling on a grand scale, let's take a look at how many games it's been since each player has scored a goal.

Leino's Abysmal Contract Value


By the measure of goals per dollar, no contract is worse than Leino's.

The inevitable resurgence of Drew Stafford


Sometimes regression to the mean takes longer than expected, but huge variations in shooting percentage usually have a way of working themselves out.

Who has the Sabres worst possession numbers?


In Part II of our puck possession series, we take a look at which individual players on the Sabres are hurting the team's possession numbers most.

Why Are The Sabres Are So Bad At Puck Possession?


The hottest two words in hockey advanced stats these days are "puck possession," and with good reason. Today we take a look at the Fenwick Close stat that drives puck possession stats, and why the...

Sab(re)metrics: Buffalo Sabres 2012-13 PDO


Examine the Sabres 2012-13 PDO. Check to see if this stat can be considered as a win predictor over a given season.

Sab(re)metrics: The Trade Edition


An analysis of the 2013 Trades of the Buffalo Sabres using GVT and Player Usage Charts.

Sab(re)metrics: What is GVT?


As the NHL Lockout continues, I would like to briefly discuss the definitions and derivations of various hockey advanced statistics that have been used in previous Sab(re)metric articles. Today,...

A New Look Quality Of Competition


With the evolution of advanced statistics, there is a new way to look at the use of quality of competition. We analyze that and look at how it affects how we look at different Sabres.

Sab(re)metrics: Projecting A Grigorenko


How many points could Mikhail Grigorenko score next season? Come find out here!


Sab(re)metrics: BUF vs. WSH OZQoC Charts


Are you restless about tonight? Come check out some updated OZQoC Charts for both the Sabres and Capitals in lieu of tonight's contest.

Sab(re)metrics: Buffalo Sabres OZQoC Chart


Sitting with your loved one at night, have you ever wondered how Lindy Ruff may use his players in even strength situations from game to game? If you do, you should take a look at Sab(re)metrics:...

2012 NHL Trade Deadline: Analysis of the Buffalo Sabres' 2/27


Some advanced statistics analysis of the Sabres' 2012 Trade Deadline deals. Did the Sabres, Predators, or Canucks overpay yesterday? Or were their deals just right?

2012 NHL Trade Deadline: Market Value for 2/27


With how our beloved Sabres have played in this new year, the majority of us have resided in the fact that if there was a year to win the Cup, this is not the year. As the trade deadline...

Sab(re)metrics: Is Thomas Vanek Overpaid?


It has been a long time since I had posted to this site, and I apologize. Since my last posting, our fair Buffalo Sabres have accumulated a 9-18-4 record. Of course, this poses a few questions: I...

Sab(re)metrics: How Good is Thomas Vanek?


Is Thomas Vanek a top player in the NHL? Check out an in-depth analysis of your favorite Austrian that no Sabres fan should miss!

Sab(re)metrics: Snepsts Projections for the 2011-2012 Buffalo Sabres


I know I stated that my second installation would be the thought-provoking piece "How Good Is Thomas Vanek," but I received a nice surprise the other night when Hockey Prospectus and ESPN writer...

Sab(re)metrics: VUKOTA Projections for the 2011-2012 Buffalo Sabres


We take a look at the Buffalo Sabres VUKOTA projections and what it actually means.

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