Putting the pieces together; Evander Kane to Buffalo

Please forgive me if these seems a little far fetched, but it keeps ringing in my mind and I wanted to share it with all of you to get your feedback as to whether I am seeing things that aren't there.

What I am Seeing: Buffalo is attempting to make a huge game changing trade this off season that will jump start the rebuild by acquiring a MAJOR player. That player being Evander Kane.

Reasoning: There are three items that have occurred over the past couple of days that point me in this direction, but by themselves are rather innocuous.

1. Tim Murray has stated at numerous times that he is looking to acquire a player that is further along in their development, but may have fallen out of favor with the coach and management. After being in the doghouse for both of Winnipeg's coaches this season, Kane easily fits this criteria. We don't even have to mention the twitter posts with stacks of money as reasons. All I see are off ice maturity issues that he should grow out of.(see Mike Ribeiro as disclaimer)

2. When recently asked about a place on this team for Steve Ott, Tim Murray slipped and commented that there wasn't a spot for him unless what they are trying to do comes to fruition. He commented that he advised him to not turn down another serious offer or not to pursue another offer because he couldn't guarantee there would be a place for him in Buffalo. (paraphrased with creative licence)

The only way Ott would have a position here is if Tim Murray was trying to make a lopsided trade where two or three players move for one. As a natural centermen he could be required if a more veteran player were to be one of those pieces heading the other way. Co Ho, Mitchell, Eller or Ennis could be one of the targets. I assume Z is safe and is not going anywhere. I won't pick which ones, but I have my druthers. Sliding him into our LW may cause a release of Foligno as part of the trade. It would still leave our wing weak, but it would be an immediate upgrade. (nothing against Foligno, he is still young)

3. When recently asked about his future in Winnipeg, Kane responded with:

'Well, I think I'm a Winnipeg Jet right now, and, you know, there's been speculation and rumors the three years since I got there. So, you know, we'll see what happens and we'll carry on as if I'm a Winnipeg Jet.' E. Kane

To me this indicates a couple of things:

a) that he is tired of being asked about being trade and if he wants out and/or,

b) he may be aware of the teams attempts to move him and is already mentally ready to get the hell out of the Peg.

The first serves no purpose to further my line of questioning, but the second is intriguing if it is true. It wraps up my little conspiracy theory with a tight little bow. I am sure that he has been warned by the team and his agent to keep his mouth shut. Should a trade not be able to be made, he could burn what little is left of the bridge in Winnipeg. The last thing he would want to do is have to deal with an angry Paul Maurice all season. The doghouse is never fun.

So, that is my conspiracy theory into the acquisition of Evander Kane and how Tim Murray will, with one fell swoop of his hockey stick, reface, re market and rebuild the Buffalo Sabres.

In the comments, please indicate whether I am insane in this vision or not.

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