Summer Lovin': Early Look at the Super Awesome 2015 Draft Class

So, BFLO has 3 1sts next year. Yep. Three more. To go with the 5 they’ve had in the last 3 years. So, uh, 8 in 4 years. That’s pretty good. Not to mention the other 2, which could likely be inside the Top 40. So potentially 5 of the Top 40. Gonna be some busy scouts at the FNC. Cause there's gonna be a lot of guys to watch. Unlike this year's draft class, where a shallower talent pool led to a lot of need-based drafting due in large part to the lack of elite talent, this coming draft has that kind of talent in spades. And so a lot of these guys could get even better, making the draft even more top-heavy with elite potential. At this point, it's definitely comparable to the 2013 Draft, and may be even better if the highly-rated kids continue their strong play and some of the others step-up their games.

While the McEichel Derby has commenced, there are a ton of top-flight prospects in the coming class beyond Connor and Jack. And as BFLO has 3 of the top 30 at this juncture, I thought some might find it mildly entertaining or informative to get my list of next year’s Top 30 prospects at the his very early stage. Obviously, this list will change dramatically before Draft Day 2015...I mean, who saw Nik Ehlers storming up the draft lists at this time last year? Hopefully this will give folks a chance to read up on or watch a player(s) that interests them. Give them someone to follow.

Most of this list was comprised from watching some of the international tournaments, with some regular season games sprinkled in here or there. So here goes nothing:

1. Connor McDavid. C, CHL, 5’11

2. Jack Eichel. C, NCAA, 6’1

3. Noah Hanifin. D, NCAA, 6’3

4. Matt Barzal. C, CHL, 5’11

5. Oliver Kylington. D, EUR, 6’1

6. Kyle Connor. C, NCAA, 6’1

7. Travis Konecky. C, CHL, 5’9

8. Yevgeni Svechnikov. LW, CHL, 6’2

9. Daniel Sprong. RW, CHL, 5’11

10. Pavel Zacha. LW, EUR, 6’2

11. Colin White. C, NCAA, 6’0

12. Rasmus Andersson. D, EUR, 6’0

13. Jeremy Roy. D, CHL, 6’0

14. Paul Bittner. LW, CHL, 6’4

15. Mikko Raatanen. RW, EUR, 6’4

16. Erik Cernak. D, EUR, 6’3

17. Jordan Greenway. LW, NCAA, 6’5

18. Jakub Forsbacka-Karlsson. RW, EUR, 6’2

19. Nic Roy. C, CHL, 6’4

20. Denis Malgin. C, EUR, 5’9

21. Zach Werenski. D, NCAA, 6‘2

22. Mitch Marner. C, CHL, 5‘10

23. Ryan Pilon. D, CHL, 6‘2

24. Ryan Gropp. LW, CHL, 6‘3

25. Julius Nattinen. C, EUR, 6‘2

26. Alexsi Saarela. C, EUR, 5’11

27. Gustav Franzen. C, EUR, 6’0

28. Nicolas Meloche. D, CHL, 6’3

29. Lawson Crouse. LW, CHL, 6’3

30. Ivan Provorov. D, CHL, 6’0

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