Analyzing Tyler Myers to the Red Wings?

Am I the only one who thinks it would be absurd to trade Tyler Myers to the Detroit Red Wings unless I got a hell of a return? Just because Buffalo is really bad right now, and Detroit has a major need does not mean i'm willing to deal a player like him to a division rival who in the future I may have to beat in the playoffs to win a Stanley Cup.

It would be totally different if Detroit were still a Western Conference team, but I have no interest in helping a team who has the #3 rated farm system in the NHL fill one of their most dire needs: a right shooting defenseman.

I think it would also be different if the player was Christian Erhoff when he was still here, simply because Myers is younger, and has a longer career ahead of him, and has a high ceiling. Yes I know we're back to Tyler's ceiling again. I am critical of Tyler as the next guy who has questions on him, but I still think that when he's on, he's a difference maker. Finding consistency is everything for a guy like this. I also think this guy is an asset with a ton of value.

Bottom line, it's not going to look good if the Sabres deal Tyler Myers and then he blossoms into a difference making, Zdeno Chara type defenseman many still think he can be. If that team is a division rival like the Red Wings, there is potential for that to come back and haunt us.

If they somehow do deal him to the Red Wings, then I need the following in return:

2015 first, and 2015 2nd, A Young Top Prospect ( Mantha), and a young roster player (Tomas Tatar), and a veteran player ( Abdelkader or Miller). There's no way in hell Detroit gives all that up, and there's no way in hell I'd budge off my asking price from a division rival.

For Myers to another team i'd take less, but the asking price would still be costly ( A first, a second and a top prospect/young roster player)

The Red Wings are a very interesting team for anyone to trade with, but personally I think it's best for both teams to look elsewhere for trades as I don't see how this could work for either team. If i'm Ken Holland, my core of Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Kronwall, Franzen is aging, and i'm depending on guys like Anthony Mantha, Tomas Jurco, Dylan Larkin, and Gustav Nyquist to make up the next wave of Red Wing success.

If i'm Tim Murray, I don't want to help the Red Wings in any way shape or form.

Im perfectly happy with Tyler Myers on this team in 2014-15 and seeing what he can develop into next season. Im perfectly happy with seeing him paired with Josh Georges (if that ends up being the case) and how he could help out Myers. And if my long term goal is to deal Tyler Myers, im perfectly ok with keeping him on the roster and waiting for a non-divison rival to overpay, which could happen.

The Red Wings are an interesting team to trade with because they have so much in terms of prospects to give up, so if you're the Winnipeg Jets out in the Western Conference and you have Dustin Byfuglien to dangle, give Ken Holland a call. But to me, no matter what the Red Wings offer, or pay, the risk is just too great to move Tyler Myers to a division rival. Hell moving Tyler Myers alone is a risk in it's own right.

No thank you, I'll pass on this one!

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