Facts You Did or Didn't Know About the Remaining Four Playoff Teams

#1.) If the captainless New York Rangers win Stanley Cup and eliminate Montreal, they would be the first team since the 1971-72 Boston Bruins to win the Cup without a captain.

The Ryan Callahan deal left the NY Rangers without a Captain, leaving the leadership burden on Alternate Captains: Brad Richards, Marc Staal, and Dan Girardi.

The last team never to have a Captain when they won the Stanley Cup was the 1971-72 Boston Bruins. They also did it in 1969-1970.

The Boston Bruins of '69-70, and '71-72, are the only other teams to win a Cup with no Captain.

#2.) Despite both being Original Six Teams, The Chicago Blackhawks and New York Rangers have never met in the Stanley Cup Finals.....not once since 1926.

Last year, we saw a first time Stanley Cup Finals matchup between the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks. Ironically everyone has been taking about a potential Los Angeles Kings vs New York Rangers matchup being that LA and NY represent the two biggest media markets in the United States.

Yet, a Chicago vs New York Match-up would arguably draw much greater ratings than NY vs LA and could be far more marketable for the league with these two franchise's histories and Chicago's marquee players.

Last year, a matchup between two Orginal Six hockey hotbed's in the Bruins and Blackhawks whom met for the first time in the Stanley Cup Finals drew the highest Stanley Cup Finals ratings since 1994's Final of the New York Rangers and the Vancouver Canucks.

#3.) Ties to Western NY and the Buffalo Sabres still prominent in the Stanley Cup Finals

Former Sabres remaining in the Stanley Cup Finals include: Robyn Regehr, Daniel Briere, and Thomas Vanek and Dominic Moore.

Western New York Natives include: Brian Gionta (Rochester) and Patrick Kane (South Buffalo). Dustin Brown is a native of Ithica.

The Stanley Cup Finals also has Jordan Nolan, son of Sabres coach Ted Nolan. Jordan is working on his second Stanley Cup Championship ring.

#4.) The Detroit Red Wings Choose Not to Keep Marian Hossa after the 2008-09 Season, in favor of re-signing Johan Franzen. 5 Years later, Marian Hossa is arguably Mr. Stanley Cup Finals of the Post-Lockout Era

5 Years ago, Ken Holland had to make a decision on keeping Marian Hossa, or Young power forward Johan Franzen. The Red Wings signed Franzen to a lifetime contract at a 3.9 million cap hit, while Hossa got a similar deal for a little more money at a 5.2 million with the Hawks.

Marian Hossa has seen the Stanley Cup Finals 4 times, with 3 different teams (Penguins, Red Wings, and Blackhawks) and if his Blackhawks make the Finals again, it will be a 5th time....there's a lot to be said for that.

Only Jaromir Jagr has played in more playoff games and has more career points in the playoffs than Marian Hossa.

#5.) Three of the Four Remaining Stanley Cup Finals Teams have Top Scoring Duos who have been reunited from prominent runs with former teams.

The LA Kings reunited Mike Richards and Jeff Carter from the Philadelphia Flyers

The NY Rangers reunited Martin St.Louis and Brad Richards

The Montreal Canadiens reunited Daniel Briere and Thomas Vanek

#6.) What does LA's Robyn Regehr, Montreal's Brian Gionta, and NY Rangers GM, Glen Sather Brad Richards, and Martin St.Louis all have in common? All five have not been back to the Stanley Cup finals in over a decade.

Brian Gionta has not been back to the finals in 12 years.

Glen Sather has not constructed a Stanley Cup Finals team since the 1988. Sather left the Oilers in 2000 for the NY Rangers. It would be the first Stanley Cup Finals appearance in 26 years for a Glen Sather led team, and first in 14 seasons with the Rangers. It's quite amazing how Sather survived so much turnover with the Oilers and Rangers.

Robyn Regehr has never won a Stanley Cup Championship, and hasn't been back to finals since 2003-04 when he lost to Brad Richards, Martin St.Louis and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

If Los Angeles and New York meet, Robyn Regher could be seeing those two former Lightning players again.

#7.) The 3 longest Stanley Cup Droughts in the playoffs are:

Daniel Briere (15 years),
Robyn Regehr (14 years),
Francis Bouilon (14 years)

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