Mttzakr87's Playoff Predictions for round 1: Can Lindy Ruff win it all in Dallas?

I just complete my Playoff Bracket and ended up with the following predictions:

Red Wings in 6 over Bruins **** This is my Upset pick in the East.

Lightning in 6 over the Habs

Penguins in 4 over CBJ

Flyers in 7 over the Rangers

Out West:

Avalanche in 5 over Wild

Hawks in 5 over Blues

San Jose over LA in 6

Upset Pick: Dallas over Anaheim in 6

Round 2:

In the East:

Detroit falls to Tampa in 7 games as Yzerman's crew beats his old team

Pittsburgh loses yet again to the Philadelphia Flyers in 5 games in the playoffs as this continues to be a bad matchup for the Penguins

Out West

San Jose falls to Dallas in 6 games in an upset
Colorado defeats Chicago in 6 games.

Conference Finals: West: Dallas vs Colorado and East Philly vs Tampa

Stanley Cup Final: Tampa Bay vs the Colorado Avalanche

Stanley Cup Champion: Colorado Avalanche wins in 6 games over the Tampa Bay Lightning

Other predictions by me:

Minnesota , St.Louis, Dallas, and Montreal all have very prominent former Sabres on their roster:

Minnesota: McCormick, Pomminville, Moulson,
Dallas: Lindy Ruff
Montreal: Thomas Vanek, and Daniel Briere....
St.Louis: Ryan Miller. Jordan Leopold, Steve Ott, Derek Roy

My major predictions are:

#1.) Detroit will upset Boston in Round 1 and take them out in 6 games.

Boston has struggled against Detroit all season....3-1 season series.

They've kicked the crap out of Boston all season long, and Boston has only won against Detroit 1 time since 2009

(1-6 record vs Detroit)

Detroit is not a good matchup for Boston.

They took out Anaheim last year and nearly eliminated Chicago last year as well...and they're also a lot younger this

season than they've been in recent years. Never sleep on the Red Wings. There's no reason why they cant win this


#2.) Lindy Ruff will go further in the playoffs than Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek, and Jason Pomminville

My Suprise team in the playoffs is the Dallas Stars. I think Dallas is a very underrated team with a lot going for it and Jim Nill and Lindy Ruff have done a fantastic job in Dallas.

Lindy Ruff has certainly gotten the most out of Tyler Seguin, who has broke out for an 84 point campaign, and Jamie Benn is having a career year. Alex Goligoski is another Stars player having a career year under Ruff. It's also easy to go to sleep on Valeri Niscuchkin for being a rookie, but he has had an impressive first year. They also have a nice collection of Cup Winning veterans as well in: Sergei Gonchar, Erik Cole, Ray Whitney, and Tim Thomas in a backup support role to Lethonen, all of whom all provide some quality veteran leadership and experience.

What are you're predictions?
Which Former Sabre will go the furthest in the playoffs?
Who is Winning the Stanley Cup?

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