The 2014 Tim Connolly Award

Dave Sandford

Ed Note: This post has been edited slightly for front page posting.

As we all know Tim Connolly was a player that was disliked and hated by many Buffalo Sabre fans for a multitude of reasons. Soft play, Often injured, lack of tenacity, floating, inconsistent performance, etc. People expected a lot out of Tim Connolly and he just never lived up to the expectations that the fans of this franchise had for him and the injuries lead to the nickname of the "Tin Man." What people usually leave out when talking or thinking about Tim Connolly is he was actually pretty productive as a Sabre. He also wasn't a defensive liability and spent time on the power play and penalty kill.

Here is the production the Tin Man had in his final years in Buffalo

  • 08-09- 18 goals, 29 Assists, 47 points in 48 games; +12
  • 09-10- 17 goals, 48 assists, 65 points in 73 games; +10
  • 10-11- 13 goals, 29 assists, 42 points in 68 games; -10

On October 2nd, during the season opener, I came up with the idea for the Tim Connolly Award to be awarded to a player at the end of the season. The Timmy would be awarded to "The Player who has garnered the most hate from Sabres fans despite anything positive they may have done."

We discussed this on that October 2nd game thread and we came up with the winners of the award for the last couple of seasons

  • 2010-11 was obviously Tim Connolly
  • 2011-12 was awarded to Derek Roy who had 44 points in 80 games coming back from a really bad leg injury the previous season.
  • 2012-13 was awarded to Drew Stafford. It was Stafford's worst season and looked snake bitten for the entire year. He finished with 18 points in 46 games

So now it's time to choose the Tim Connolly Award winner for the 2013-14 season. This season is probably the worst in Franchise history and there is plenty of hate to go around. Many players had career low years and many didn't live up to expectations of contract or potential. The Nominees are

#19 Cody Hodgson - 20 goals, 24 assists, 44 points in 71 games; -26
Reasons for hate: Potential versus Performance. CoHo produced career highs in Goals, Assists, and Points, but is often criticized for poor defense and not living up to the #1 Center that fans hoped he'd be when he was acquired.

#21 Drew Stafford- 16 goals, 18 assists, 34 points in 69 games; -18
Reasons to hate: It's Drew Stafford. He still hasn't come anywhere close to his '10-'11 season where he produced 31 goals/52 points in 62 games.

#10 Christian Ehrhoff - 6 goals, 27 assists, 33 points in 79 games; -27
Reasons to hate: The Contract. Ehrhoff is the best defenseman on the Sabres roster, but in the fans eyes he just doesn't live up to that 10 year $40m contract. Often discussed in trade rumors and made people aware of the term "recapture penalty."

#57 Tyler Myers - 9 goals, 13 assists, 22 points in 62 games; -26
Reasons to hate: The Baby Giraffe. We saw flashes of the Myers we fell in love that earned him the Calder Trophy his rookie year. But these flashes were sandwiched between injuries and inconsistent play.

#4 Jamie McBain - 5 goals, 11 assists, 16 points in 68 games; -14
Reasons to hate: Goalie Killer. You could hate McBain because of how well Andrej Sekera has played for the Hurricanes, or you could hate him for the reasons you should hate him, His name is Dozer and he's killed at least 2 Goaltenders this year.

#23 Ville Leino - 0 goals, 15 assists, 15 points in 57 games; -16
Reasons to hate: Zero Goals. Zadorov, Deslauriers, Scott, Adam, Varone, Pysyk, and Weber all have more goals than Ville Leino. He's been scratched, injured, and looked completely disinterested at times. His only bright spot what a shootout winner which.. didn't count as an actual goal. There's plenty to hate here.

#6 Mike Weber - 1 goal, 8 assists, 9 points, in 67 games; -31
Reasons to hate: Plus/Minus. As I'm writing this, Mike Weber is 5th to last in the league in Plus/Minus. When the opponent scored this season there was a pretty good chance Weber was on the ice. He is also one part of the dynamic duo of Tank and Dozer.

#25 Mikhail Grigorenko - 2 goals, 1 assist, 3 points in 18 games; -3
Reasons to hate: Immature Russian. Often you'll see Grigorenko's name attached to the term "Bust." Fans say things that he is the new version of Zagrapan. Low point of the season was refusing to report to Quebec and being invisible and spending a lot of time in the Sabres Pressbox.

#32 John Scott - 1 goal, 0 assists, 1 point, in 55 games; -13
Reasons to hate: Traffic Cone. John Scott isn't all that good at hockey and he's suppose to be the supreme beast enforcer in the league. Scott hasn't been very good any thing this season and was used in an expanded capacity by Ted Nolan and Ron Rolston.

So who is your pick for the Timmy? Who has garnered the most hate despite anything positive they may have done this season?

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