Value of: Tyler Myers package to Colorado or Philadelphia

Being that Centre is the most glaring need on the Buffalo Sabres by far....the Sabres need to address the position heavily over the next 2 years, both on the roster and in the system.

A lot of people are still hesitant to move Tyler Myers in any deal at all, but I have no problem moving him. However, I am not giving Tyler Myers away for free, as I still think he has tremendous value to anyone who acquires him.

The best moves are the ones that work out for both teams and considering Colorado and Buffalo's immediate needs, I think these two can be ideal dance partners this offseason, or down the road.

Colorado has Nathan MacKinnion and Matt Duchene for the next 10 years down the middle at center and if Paul Stastny leaves them as a UFA, they are still set, and Ryan O'Reilly has been playing a lot of Wing this year. He also leads Colorado in goals with 26 so far, and he also leads his team in takeaways, leads all Av's forwards in Time on Ice, is versatile, sound defensively etc.

My Proposal for Ryan O'Reilly and Prospect D Duncan Siemens for:

D: Tyler Myers

C: Cody Hodgson

C Prospect: Mikhail Grigorenko

It seems like an insanely high price to pay, but realistically .....what am I getting with Ryan O'Reilly? He’s a younger, comparably skilled Jonathon Toews and Patrice Bergeron...and I dont think Myers alone will do this deal.

If you're Patrick Roy, Greg Sherman, and Joe Sakic, You're very hesitant to make a trade for O'Reilly, but the defenseman is the last piece.

Reuniting Mikhail Grigorenko with Coach Patrick Roy might be the best thing to ever happen to Grigorenko and might entice Roy, Sherman, and Sakic to pull the trigger on that deal. Plus if you get Ryan O'Reilly and draft Sam Reinhart, centre will be locked up.....and at that point, I dont think Grigorenko has a long term future with the Sabres. Where will Grigorenko play? 3rd line centre? Maybe you kick him out to wing, but is that a fit for him?

Cody Hodgson again might be a great fit in Colorado to replace Paul Stastny and Ryan O'Reilly and add another center to the roster, and would have no problem being reunited with his childhood friend Matt Duchene.

All of this is of course if Ryan O'Reilly wants to sign in Buffalo long term....he's an RFA this offseason and will get another raise for sure in the 6.5-7 million range.

Option B, for a Myers trade would be using the Philadelphia Flyers as a dance partner.

It's no secret that the Philadelphia Flyers have been looking for a "Franchise Defenseman" since Chris Pronger went down.

Their attempt to poach every single Nashville Predators top defenseman has fell flat. after 2007 they got Kimmo Timmonen from the Preds, but after that, they pretty much have come up empty raiding the Music City for Blueliners.

The attempt to sign both Dan Hamhuis and then Ryan Suter fell flat..and Shea Weber.

It's also no secret a lot of teams are interested, but how interested is unknown?

With the 6'7 Samuel Morin already in their system, im sure the Flyers would drool over the idea of having a twin tower top-pair someday, and the prospect of adding Myers would be intriguing for them.


To Philadelphia: Tyler Myers

To Buffalo: C Brayden Schenn,

D, Luke Schenn

2015 2nd round pick

2016 3rd round pick

Brayden Schenn is a quality young centre with massive upside and plays a great physical two-way game as well as his versatility to play all 3 forward spots. Him and Luke tend to be a package deal, so i'll take Luke.

If Philadelphia doesnt want to deal Brayden Schenn, and Alternative deal would be :

C Scott Laughton, and C/W Matt Read

With Rasmus Ristolaninen, Nikita Zadorov, Jake McCabe, and Mark Pysyk all in the system and with Christian Erhoff signed for an eternity and also having promising prospects in Chad Ruewhedl, and Jerome Gauther-Leduc...I think at some point a Myers trade will be more possible over time.

I dont want to trade Tyler Myers, but I have a surplus at Defense, and a glaring hole at Center.

If I am moving any of my defenseman, especially Myers, I need to get a center in return.

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