Tim Murray as GM->>. Score !!! Outstanding Hire for the Sabres

Tim Murray is an outstanding hire for the Buffalo Sabres, and Pat LaFontaine most certainly got this pick right.
Why is Tim Murray the right choice for this team?

It's simple: The Amateur Draft.....The Buffalo have 2 potentially high first round picks coming in 2014 or 2015, depending on what the Islanders do, and 3 second rounders next year.

And there will be more picks coming: Matt Moulson and Ryan Miller will fetch you first round picks....Steve Ott also could get you a late first or 2 second round picks. And then there is Drew Stafford? Maybe another 2nd? Or maybe you hold on to him and hope he regains form in 2015 and brings his value up and gets you another first rounder for 2015?

Tim Murray's widely respected among hockey circles in the NHL as a scout....

And for a team that has a ton of draft picks coming over the next 2 years....some of them very high, the Buffalo Sabres needed to find a General Manager who will be able to hit on these draft picks.

It's very important they get the drafting right, and Tim Murray can help do that and he has a proven track record:

He're's the drafts that Tim Murray has helped produce:

2008: Erik Karlson (All-Star Norris Trophy Winning Defenseman)
Zach Smith (Solid 3rd line centre/ two way forward, good role player for a 3rd rnd pick)

2009: Jared Cowen
Jakub Silfverberg (2nd round pick?)
Robin Lehner, (2nd rnd pick, who will be the Sens Goalie of the future)
Patrick Weircoch (2nd rnd pick..)
2011: Mika Zibanejad....(20 years old, could be potential stud)
Stefan Noeson (traded to Ana with Silfverberg, but has promise)
2012: Cody Ceci.....20yrs old...already playing well
2013: Curis Lazar, we'll see. with him

The Senators have drafted 3 players in Hockey's future's top 40 ( Silfverberg, Lehner, and Zibanejad)

And overall....Ottawa has the 12th best farm system in the league in the NHL right now, despite graduating most of their kids already..

Tim Murray also helped oversee the drafts in Anaheim as well from 2002-2004 and helped draft:
2002- Joffery Lupol, 7th overall, 2003- Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry and Drew Miller and 2004- Ladislav Smid.

The Buffalo Sabres have more picks in the top 2 rounds than any team in the NHL over the next two years.....that is why Tim Murray was hired here.....and if he brings Pierre Dorian with him, i'll be more happy.

Buffalo has done a very good job of finding players who can play in supporting roles in the NHL and 2nd liners....what the Sabres need is to find more difference makers because it's been quite some time since they have drafted one with Thomas Vanek in 2003...Although Ristolainen and Zadorov show much promise. And of course the just is still out on a lot of the guys that Ottawa has drafted like Zibanejad, Lehner, Ceci, and Silfverberg (Now with Anaheim) and how high they will actually go..but it's a great sign that all of them show great promise in the NHL, and of course Erik Karlsson is an all-star.

Ir's also a bonus that he comes from a team with an Internal Cap in Ottawa....he'll have a great opportunity here in Buffalo with an owner that will provided all the resources needed and its a great change.

This was an outstanding hire for Ottawa, I only hope he brings Pierre Dorian with him to be his Assistant GM.

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