Shanahan Did Enough and Not Enough

...Yeah, so that happened...

Suspensions and fines were then handed down by Shanahan yesterday, punishing Ron Rolston for keeping a player on the ice for another shift, and showing Phil Kessel to be a past-and-repeated slasher and giving him the rest of the preseason off.

For what Shanahan focused on, he pinpointed and addressed the main issues: "Player Selection" and "Slashing". The coach always gets fined after the fact in a brawl, it's expected. The unexpected part is that he actually gave it a name and for what he focused on, I can't complain about the results. I also believe, given that focus, he didn't do enough...

And I blame Bucky for this...

With little to prove and even less to accomplish, Kessel at that moment was thinking more about survival. Keywords: at that moment. Kessel’s decision to take a poke at Scott after things momentarily settled down was another matter. That’s when he crossed the line separating survival from stupidity.

OK, so suspend Kessel for stupidity.

Just make sure Scott joins him.

Well, if Ron Rolston is being fined for choosing the players to be on the ice, then Randy Carlyle deserves to be fined just as much. Carlyle even had a moment to digest who was on the ice for Buffalo before sending his line out.

Flynn, Zigomanis, Ruhwedel, Bagnall, Scott

Scott was on the ice for the Tropp fight and is staying out there.

Carlyle's "player selection" equally contributed to the brawl because he ignored Scott's presence and put his star player between a rock and a hard place. I don't blame Kessel for the first slash; that 6' 8" rock has two fists. The second slash is well-deserving of the 3-game suspension as Scott was being tamed by everyone on the ice...And Shanahan leads you to conclude that's all he did...

But if you watch the brawl video, I direct you to 3:45 or so, when the brawl had ended, the fights stopped, the goalies' fun over. Scott is tied up with David Clarkson and the situation is diffused..until Kessel spears Scott. Kessel deserved regular season discipline for reigniting a dead brawl, it was over...

And it's not even addressed by Shanahan...or Damien Cox...Bucky gives it one line at least...Or is labeled as "stick-swinging"...

Most people ask for consistency when it comes to discipline. This is twice Shanahan hasn't given enough punishment when the Sabres are involved...

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