My Insane Fever Dream Mock Draft

OK, hear me out...

This was done purely in fun. I do not pretend to be a GM, nor play one on TV. In preparation for the start of all kinds of crazy speculation any minute now for the big day on Sunday, I was idly surfing some of the Hockey Rumor sites, a mock began to take shape in my head complete with crazy trades and cap issues. I was inspired.

Then I stumbled across this particular rumor that moving Miller and Vanek could be a package deal. Which I thought was crazy. But for giggles, I started wondering about who'd been talking about trading picks for current players, including one Bobby Mac comment where he said MacTavish in EDM would be happy if he came out of the draft with no picks, having turned them all into immediate help. So my mind began to wander...

So this draft comes complete with a 3-way Sabres blockbuster (which could be completely scuttled w Horcoff's NTC). Keep in mind, my view of the Sabres going forward is a complete tear down. So this reflects that. I know there are others who think a few changes can get them back on the road to respectability, and I'm sure there is a scenario where that's possible. Just not the one with which I'm framing this mock.

Lastly, there are several players I tried to include in trades that just didn't work in the context of the first round: Perron, Clutterbuck, Cullen, several Flyers, all guys rumored to be on the move. I also didn't do any projecting of free agent signings, but I do think if this went down as I put it together, Vinny Cavs would be chomping at the bit to sign with EDM as a 2nd line C. Can you imagine? "I get to center Vanek and Yakupov?"

So now, feel free to LOL me to your heart's content:


#1: COL: MacKinnon: As expected.

#2: FLA: Drouin: No Jones? Now Things Get Interesting. Want a partner for Huberdeau.

TRADE: TB trades #3 to CLB for #14, #19, #27, Jenner.

#3: CLB: Barkov: CLB needs some size and toughness in the Top 6. Could play this year.

TRADE: NVL trades #4 to PHI for Read, Couturier, Straka, #11.

#4: PHI: S Jones: Answer on D; clears cap space for Giroux et al.

#5: CAR: Nurse. Need a shut-down D. He's their guy. But they tried to move.

TRADE: CAL trades #6 to OTT for Cowan, Weircioch, #17

#6: OTT: Lindholm. Top 6 forward. What Murray claims he's looking for. Not Russian.

TRADE: EDM receives Miller, Vanek, McNabb, Adam,contract considerations from BUF, BUF receives #14, #27, #33, Horcoff, Klefbom, Musil, Panik, TB receives Hemsky, #7.

#7: TB: Nichushkin. Rumor is TB is infatuated with the Russian. And they pick up another 1st.

#8: BUF: Monahan. 2-way Top 6 center with size and good in the dot.

TRADE: PHX trades #12, #42 and Rundblad to NJ for #9.

#9: PHX: Shinkaruk. Explosive forward for a team without.

#10: DAL: Wennberg. Ruff loves 2-way players.

TRADE: PIT trades Letang to TOR for #21, 2014 2nd, Gardiner. PIT re-signs Dupuis.

#11: NVL: Mantha.

#12: NJ: Fucale.

#13: WIN: Ristolainen.

#14: BUF: Zadorov.

TRADE: CHI trades #30, Leddy, Bolland to NYI for #15, 2014 2nd, Cizkias.

#15: CHI: Horvat.

#16: BUF: Rychel.

#17: CAL: Domi.

#18: DET: Morrissey.

#19: TB: Lazar.

TRADE: MTL trades #25, #36 to SJO for #20.

#20: MTL: Gauthier.

#21: PIT: Zykov.

#22: CAL: Pulock.

#23: WAS: Morin.

#24: VAN: Erne.

#25: SJO: Dauphin.

TRADE: NYR trade Staal, McIlrath to ANA for #26, Ryan, contract considerations.

#26: NYR: Santini

#27: BUF: Compher

#28: CAL: Comrie

#29: DAL: Mueller

#30: NYI: Petan


#33: Poirier

#37: Vanelli

#38: DesRosiers

#52: Buchnevich

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