My list of 20 changes before next season....

The season is over, mercifully. The boo birds are back after the beating the Rangers laid on the Sabres. The only thing left to do is to look forward to what could be over the next few months.

As I sit here and reflect and dream of the possibilities of how this team could be shaped to be more..consistent, tougher, dangerous and a whole wealth of other things, a simpler list popped into my head. I try to push it aside and focus on the positives, but alas to no avail. The list forces all other thoughts aside and dominates my thoughts as my mood turns sour.

A list more sinister in nature. A list that would have the potential to drive fans away. A list to make us dream of football first and hockey second. As this list percolates and boils and froths into fruition it spills for forth from me in a torrent upon the page.

Things that will piss me off if they happen before next season

  1. If Grigerenko only gets to watch the rest of the season from the press box.
  2. If Grigs gets to play, but again is relegated to the 4th line and asked to score with Scott and Kaleta as line mates.
  3. The team extends J. Hecht for even 10 minutes of the next season. He was so cheep this year because he sucks. No one else wanted him with his 40 ft backhander.
  4. The team uses all its draft picks for future players. The dreaded R word Darcy refuses to use.
  5. Ville Leino gets another chance to soak us for another year of his contract while not playing.
  6. Someone doesn't boot Weber in the head and teach him how to play defense or send him to Rochester.
  7. Steve Ott is traded for any piece good or bad. Even if its for Nail or some stud. We need the toughness.
  8. Darcy signs another winger and tries to make them into a quality center. Only to succeed in ruining them at both spots.
  9. If we keep this Darcy clone of a coach and refuse to go get someone with experience.
  10. If Buffalo offers and aging Danny Briere a huge contract to play again in Buffalo. (A small contract I can live with, but not $5 million plus)
  11. The teams comes out and tells the fans that Enroth is ready to be the new number one goalie. With the streaky Hackett at his back
  12. If the team refuses to create 3 distinct lines, Scoring, checking and energy. God forbid we actually set up consistently and stop changing the lines ever other game.
  13. A guy named Darcy gets to plan for the teams future. A guy who played very few games in the league and obviously can't figure out how to build a competitive team.
  14. If the team hits the ice with the same softness that many other Darcy teams are know for. The league is getting tougher and stronger so lets go get a few more thugs who can't play to fill out the roster and we will be great.....really???
  15. If the team once again strongly resembles the Rochester Americans. I think Rochester could take the Sabres.
  16. If Tyler Myers shows up to camp out of shape again. Can anyone say, "Gary Roberts"?
  17. If Drew Stafford is still a Sabre at the start of training camp. This is one guy who needs a change of scenery.
  18. If two of the smallest players in the league stay with the team. If your name is St. Louis and you can play big, then ok, but if not.....
  19. The team keeps referring to Buffalo as Hockey Heaven. Is this a reference to where players go to die??
  20. If Darcy trades any of the good youth players for old guys at the end of their careers.
These are a few of the things that rattled around in my addled brain. I'm sure everyone has a list. Some won't admit it, but we know its there. What would you add or strike from this list? What do you expect between now and the start of training camp?

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