Sabres at Bruins Recap: Buffalo Wins In Shootout, But Boston Wins In Life

Jim Rogash

The Buffalo Sabres defeated the Boston Bruins 3-2 in a shootout, but the Boston crowd was amazing and inspiring in defeat. We also have to give a big thanks to everyone who contributed to our comments for charity threads last night.

Emotion In Boston

We all knew this would be an emotional game for Bruins fans, but the way the started the night off was incredible. After a very nice video tribute and a moment of silence, the entire Boston crowd joined Rene Rancourt in a boisterous national anthem. To his credit, Rancourt quickly got off the mic and let the crowd sing for themselves, and it was truly a magical moment. Other highlights include the "Let's Go Boston" chants (as opposed to the usual Let's Go Bruins) Doc Emrick getting choked up early in the first period with a few timely voice cracks, and both teams at center ice saluting the Boston faithful at the end of the game.

Ryan Miller Has Something To Say*

That something is: "Stop with all the Enroth talk. Just stop. Did you see me last night? That game would have ended 6-2 without me between the pipes. I made 41 saves, many of the spectacular variety, and kept ya'll in the game during the first period. And second period. And third. Just go away Enroth already."

Note: Ryan Miller's obviously fake views do not represent those of DBTB or its affiliates.

Thank You To Everyone Who Commented For Charity

During last night's game, our two charity threads reached 1485 comments, and after rounding up because holy crap, that means $150 will be donated to The One Fund Boston in the spirit of the DBTB (and SCoC, and SBNation Hockey) community, as well as Buffalo sports fans everywhere. I have to sincerely thank everyone who stopped by and commented, both DBTB regulars and those of you from other sites. It was a hell of a lot of fun, and (not to get too sappy here) a great example of the positive power of the interwebs, and especially the SBNation hockey family. Also, thanks to those of you that stepped up with your own donations - RicksHaberdasher, Sabresfansinceday1, bull_trojan, drwho62, and I'm sure I missed some others. Last night was a blast, we raised a bunch of money for a good cause, and we couldn't have done it without you all. Thank you.

Comment of the Game

There were 1485, and I couldn't choose just one. Go back and check out what ended up being a fantastic charity GIF-a-thon here and here.

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