A Sabres rant.

There are a wealth of issues with the Buffalo Sabres. Too many to be addressed in one single FanPost. There are a couple of things that irk me more than others. One of those things is the General Manager, Darcy Regier

As of this season, the Sabres are a team without direction again. Over the past decade they have struggled to be a consistent threat in this league. Every game they float along with little drive or apparent desire to be better than they are. This team is seriously flawed.

The direction of this team has been stated to be one of being tougher to play against. This has never been further from the truth. With the continual re-signing of players that should not be on the ice to getting new players that are small in stature and get pushed off the puck, regardless of how much energy they bring, the direction of this team seems chaotic at best.

It has been stated numerous times that Darcy Regier can build a team, but obviously he can’t build a team that can win it all or even remain competitive year to year. His teams are filled with guys who play, but chose to only half the time. Those players, who give a great effort every night, get traded for spare parts. It can be argued that Darcy is not the genius he appears to be, but more of a guy who has pretty good luck.

People have blamed his poor teams on a lack of resources, but when given the chance to bring in whomever he wanted regardless of cost, he chose to go after and sign Ville Leino. A player with one good year on his resume who got a huge payday. $6 million in the first two years. What a colossal gaffe. He filled a hole, but not the hole that needed to be fixed. Buffalo still needs a center.

In order to get one, it’s rumored, he went after Doan offering him huge money. He was apparently the only target he had in mind. Note to readers….Doan is a winger, not a center. Darcy still got it wrong. Is this guy not paying attention?

The only effort he put into getting a center was at the draft when he grabbed Grigs and Girgs. Two great players, but both still a few years away from being useful. They tried the Grigs experiment and then shafted the kid with five minutes of ice time with two grinders and expected him to score. Then dump him back into the minors for the rest of the year when he can’t. I dare you to find anyone in this league who produces regularly while only playing five minutes. What another screw up. (Rolston has held him back in favour of his own former players)

I could go on and on, but I don’t have the time and you don’t want to read it. So, I’ll ask what part of the team do you need to rant about?

Go ahead, let it out. Maybe someone who matters will notice before more fans give up on this sad sack team.

This is a FanPost written by a member of the community. It does not necessarily express the views or opinions of Die By The Blade.

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