Sabres at Lightning Recap: Miller, Defense Shut Down Tampa Bay For 2-1 Buffalo Win


It wasn't the world's greatest game to watch, but it was the first Sabres win in five games as they stymied Tampa's offense thanks to a 30-save performance by Ryan Miller.

The Sabres won the game, to begin with. That you must remember, or nothing else that follows will seem positive. Buffalo, led by Ryan Miller and a strong defensive performance, overcame way too many penalties and another early goal against to come away with the 2-1 win over Tampa Bay. The Sabres only managed 21 shots in the game, so it wasn't necessarily the most enjoyable game to watch, but their defense turned in maybe their best overall performance this season, and Buffalo started their Florida road trip with something they haven't seen very much lately - a win.

First Period

- Another game, another goal against in the first two minutes.

- Cody Hodgson scores a Hecht-esque goal when he shoots from behind the net and bounces the puck off Garon's stick for the tying goal. Hodgson's 8th of the season, and he continued his strong offensive play.

- The rest of the period was an uneventful...event. While it's nice to not be losing, the Sabres have to be one of the three most boring teams in the league to watch. Excited for the rest of the year yet?

Second Period

- The Sabres played an undisciplined second period, but the PK really bailed them out, performing very well against a very good Tampa Bay power play, even killing off a 5-on-3.

- Since the Sabres have spent much of the period on the PK, there's really not much to say. Miller has been great, and guys are blocking shots, but man, this is another boring period. At least we're not losing yet.

- I will say this, the Sabres defense looks much better tonight. There have been very few facepalms tonight, which is a pleasant surprise even if there's not much else happening.

Third Period

- Tyler Myers capitalizes on a nice Thomas Vanek feed to put the Sabres ahead. Myers and Vanek scoring, and the Sabres are winning? Is this real life?

- Cody Hodgson has been the most noticeable forward tonight, and only in good ways.

- This was a perfectly serviceable defensive win, led by Ryan Miller as per usual, it just wasn't very fun hockey to watch. Still, it's the Sabres first win in five games, and beggars can't be choosers!

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