Trying to Stay Positive

Bucky's annual fire Darcy/Lindy column had a little extra bite to it this time, and caught some league-wide press.

It's hard to argue with most of his points. Full disclosure: I've felt and said many of the same things myself.

But, even so- this column bothered me. The main reason was the focus on Pegula.

I think we need to take a deep breath and think for a second about past ownerships. I don't agree with all the decisions that this club makes, but I also fully admit I'm not a professional hockey executive. I'm a fan, (short for fanatic) since the Ray/May/Barnaby days. Even just since then, this club has been through a lot and frankly, we are pretty damn lucky to be where we are now. Remember the Rigas debacle. Remember losing our heart & soul players to the highest bidders.

I don't think the honeymoon in Pegulaville is over. I don't think it ever ends. It doesn't mean this team gets a free pass, it means that we appreciate that the richest Sabres fan in the world stepped up and spent a whole mess of his own money. Remember, he was one of us before he was the owner. Let's not turn on ourselves so quickly!

So....that being said- I'll focus on what positives I can find.

Nathan Gerbe is alive!

-I thought he finally had the jump back that I remember. I was really starting to worry that he may have lost his mojo as an NHL player. Last night, he was waterbugging around and creating chances out of nothing again. Of course, it helps when he plays on a line with some talent; and I'm sure he's probably finally starting to get healthy again. I'd argue that he's a better fit now on the 2nd line than Stafford. (Who isn't?) Granted, it was only one game, but here's hoping he can keep it up.

Kaleta Throws a Beating

-I really prefer "pest" players like Kaleta/Ott to drop gloves, at least some of the time. There are too many fake tough guys out there. Kaleta threw hands maybe harder than I've ever seen him do. Good for him, good for the team. (Like I said, I became a fan during the Ray/May days. AND not to start a whole other topic, but #32 should be in the rafters, not on Scott's back.-No disrespect to Scott.)

Miller Genuine Draft

-He's zeroing in on his peak. When he's on, he is a top 5 goalie and obviously can steal games. If this team is going to the playoffs, it will need Miller AND the D-corps to be playing well at the same time. Not one or the other.

There's plenty of negatives from the game last night....but I think we all know what they are, so I'll zip my lip. On to Ottawa.

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