The Pick the Sabres Hold from the Islanders

Lets say the islanders flat line for the season and win the lottery (they currently sit 4th) as of this writing, and the Sabres get pick 2 or 3....putting the Islanders in a tough choice of keeping the pick , or deferring to 2015 for the Sabres and potentially losing out on any shot at Connor Mcdavid ....ok not as tough as it seems...any sane GM would keep the pick, but does Connor McDavid make you think differently as a GM?

What do you do if your the Islanders GM now? If you finish the season winning the lottery or getting a top 3 pick (in a draft where there is a very good top 4, ...knowing that you have to give the Sabres a pick for this year or next? Do you take the sure thing this year and add another nice peice to the Islanders, or......and what if a disaster happened next year and you tank and get pick 1 and have to give it to the Sabres? You now look pretty foolish if your Garth Snow. You also look foolish by dealing the pick to take Sam Reinhart at the same.....hence, why you should never trade a UFA, AND A FIRST, FOR A UFA who's leaving for Minnesota or a team in the region close to home. The Sabres will certainly benefit one way or another.

Does Garth snow (or Whomever the Isles GM is) calls the new Sabres GM and offers up a Franchise changing deal for both teams? John Tavares for the rights to keep their top 3 pick this year, along with the Sabres top 3 pick and their 2015 pick next year along with maybe more assets on the Sabres side to sweeten the deal?

There is an interesting parallel here:
Last time an islanders star center was dealt to the Sabres it worked out well for them ...well sort of, I mean LaFontaine was hurt a lot but he definetly generated excitement here...and how ironic that man is now president of hockey operations and .....Sam Reinhart brother Griffin plays for them....small world

Not this saying this could or will happen at all........but man, the Islanders are in a horrible state right now.....they went from team on the rise to making a very lopsided deal to the Sabres since Vanek could potentially depart. I dont Thomas Vanek ever imagined he'd be in another situation like that....and its a shame because we all know Vanek Deserves better. make up for the mistake, it's likely Vanek could be moved for a first and picks, which is another option.

Would Sabre fans want a deal like that to happen if it was ever brought on the table? Tavares would bring respectibility to the Sabres and give them a great thing to build around, never know how draft picks will pan out. Or would you view it as....I can have 2 potentially phenomenial players in this years or next years draft maybe 3 or 4?? Im just going to grow my new core nice and slow and in 5 years have a powerhouse?

Not saying thats going to happen or it should happen....but Its the Islanders after all.....if any team made a dumb move, it would be them....and who knows how they would feel if they won this years lottery and their season ended in disaster, which right now....the Isles have only won 4 their last 15 defense, no goaltending, they've a had a lot of prospects that have underachieved..... it's headed that way for them.

For the Realistic Scenerio: What do the Islanders do if they get a #1 pick? or even a lower pick at #5-10 range and what are you all hoping the NY Islanders would do? Defer or Keep it?

And also on an off topic: Would you flip out if the Sabres drafted another defenseman in Aaron Ekbald who could be the drafts best player with Sam Reinhart?

What position do you want to hopefully see addressed most?? Center??

Would you be happy if the Islanders got a top 4 pick and deferred and the Sabres ended up with both Reinhart and Leon Draisitil? Or Reinhart and Ekbald, or Reinhart and William Nylander

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