The 2012-13 Rochester Americans Schedule Is Released

With the threat of the 2012-2013 NHL season not starting on time looming, there is a league that will be playing regardless of an NHL CBA being in place, the American Hockey League. The Rochester Americans schedule was released on Friday afternoon and if you are looking to get your hockey fix going, they have a game for you. The full schedule is after the jump.

Date Opponent
10/12 vs. Syracuse
10/13 @ Toronto
10/16 vs. Binghamton
10/19 vs. Grand Rapids
10/20 @ Hershey
10/21 vs. Hamilton
10/26 @ Wilkes Barre/Scranton
10/27 @ Adirondack
11/2 vs.Hamilton
11/3 @ Hamilton
11/9 vs. Adirondack
11/10 @ Syracuse
11/14 @ Hamilton
11/16 vs. Abbotsford
11/17 @ Binghamton
11/23 vs. Albany
11/28 vs. San Antonio
11/30 vs. Toronto
12/1 @ Toronto
12/7 vs. Adirondack
12/8 @ Toronto
12/11 vs. Abbotsford
12/13 @ Lake Erie
12/15 vs. Toronto
12/19 @ Grand Rapids
12/21 vs. Binghamton
12/22 @ Binghamton
12/26 vs. Lake Erie
12/28 vs. Lake Erie
12/29 vs. Binghamton
12/31 vs. Hamilton
1/4 @ Abbotsford
1/5 @ Abbotsford
1/9 vs. Syracuse
1/11 vs. Hamilton
1/12 @ Syracuse
1/16 @ Binghamton
1/18 vs. Syracuse
1/21 vs. Hamilton
1/25 vs. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton
2/1 vs. Toronto
2/2 @ Syracuse
2/5 @ Abbotsford
2/6 @ Abbotsford
2/12 @ Lake Erie
2/15 vs. Houston
2/17 vs. Hershey
2/18 @ Hamilton
2/20 vs. Texas
2/22 @ Hamilton
2/26 vs. Syracuse
2/27 @ Toronto
3/2 @ Syracuse
3/3 @ Lake Erie
3/8 vs. Abbotsford
3/9 @ Binghamton
3/10 vs. Abbotsford
3/13 vs. Binghamton
3/15 vs. Albany
3/16 @ Toronto
3/19 @ Oklahoma City
3/22 @ Texas
3/23 @ Houston
3/24 @ San Antonio
3/27 vs. Syracuse
3/29 vs. Toronto
3/30 @ Hamilton
4/5 vs. Lake Erie
4/6 @ Adirondack
4/7 @ Albany
4/12 vs. Oklahoma City
4/13 @ Syracuse
4/14 @ Albany
4/19 vs. Toronto
4/20 vs. Hamilton
4/21 @ Hamilton

A couple of highlights in the schedule to keep an eye on:

- The longest home stand for the Americans is four games which happens from December 26th to December 31st. Those games feature the Lake Erie Monsters twice, Binghamton, and Hamilton.

- The longest road trip for Rochester is five games from March 16th to March 24th. The trip starts with a game against the Toronto Marlies and then Rochester heads west to play Oklahoma City, Texas, Houston, and San Antonio.

- If you can't make it to Rochester to catch a game and still live in New York, the Americans will face off in Syracuse on November 10th, January 12th, February 2nd, March 2nd, and April 13th. They will be in Binghamton on November 17th, December 22nd, January 16th, and March 9th. Finally, they will play in Albany on April 7th and April 14th.

- Rochester will face off against the Hamilton Bulldogs in the Bell Centre on Friday March 22nd.

- Rochester plays three kids day games, which are games that start between 10 and 11 in the morning, and all of them will happen on the road. Those games are November 14th @ Hamilton, February 5th @ Abbotsford, and February 12th @ Lake Erie.

- The Americans will play six sets of three games in three nights this season: October 19-21, March 8-10, March 22-24, April 5-7, April 12-14, and April 19-21.

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