Anaheim's 30 in 30 feature landed on the Ducks today. Their assessment video made some interesting points, particularly in relevance to the trade rumors attached to Bobby Ryan.

To preface anything I might end up rambling on about down the page, I'm not trying to "E.K.L.U.N.D." anyone here. Just speculating wildly, as my broadband connection and keyboard entitle me to....

Anyway, In the video ( and the article ) speculates on whether Anaheim are going to be interested in trading anyone, let alone Ryan, when Anaheim locked up Bruce Boudreau to a 2 year extension thanks to the Ducks radical second half turn around last year. "Bruce essentially changed my whole season around in Anaheim," Ryan told the Camden Courier-Post over the summer. "It was going downhill very fast. He came in and changed things around and really spoke to me on a level that I could understand. I loved playing for him."

Does this mean Ryan is happy in California again? Does it make more sense to offload Getzlaf or Perry, both on the final year of their current contracts before they hit UFA instead of Ryan. The most significant question mark posed of the team heading in to 2012/13 is their apparent lack of an NHL calibre backup behind Jonas Hiller.

Is there any merit in thinking that Enroth could be on the trade table? Anaheim need a dependable back up, and he's more than proven he's capable for 20 plus games a season, if not more. It's unreasonable to think that Enroth alone would garner enough interest to warrant a trade for any one of the top 3 forwards on the Anaheim roster, so what else would have to head West in order to bring Mr Perry, Getzlaf or Ryan to Buffalo. Ennis? Stafford? Adam? Armia? With SKinner's contract well and truly signed now, does Ennis become too expensive to keep? Are the two players comparable enough for the Skinner contract to be a factor?

Would that trade be beneficial for Buffalo? losing a capable NHL caliber backup leaves quite a hole. Who steps in? How much depth do we have in the system, and how is the quality. Drew Macintyre played fill in last season, and despite putting up some solid stats he still only played 40something minutes of NHL time and by all accounts fizzled in the AHL. Losing the starting gig to the guy who was supposed to be his #2. Would that guy, David Leggio, step up? You have to think ( or at least hope ) that Darcy isn't going to hamstring the side by giving up a dependable, proven back up goalie on a defense first team for a scorer without a back up down the roster capable of stepping in. Do we give the Dominator a call?

I'll give you a moment to stop laughing and/or sobbing...



Hasek was a gun in his day, undoubtedly. But how much, if any, of that remains. They did the classy thing and met the guy, would that meeting turn into a discussion if Enroth is out of the picture? Would the veteran, world class Hasek have an effect in Miller's game? questions have been asked about his mental game could it be a positive influence to have that much experience right ext to Miller in the locker room? Dom wants to play, you have to think he'd repay the faith by doing his part. Or is he flat out too old to be useful? in a league where Shane Doan is staring at an offer of 30mil over 4 years at 35, is Dominic Hasek incapable of contributing a handful of games behind a statistically world class keeper. Huet may have been a step closer toward sanity but he's signed in Sweden now, does that let in a sliver of hope for Dom, or slam the door shut on a comeback altogether. Even in Toronto, who so desperately need a keeper and someone who lived any significant portion of the 80's...

As to what would be coming in, what is our more pressing need? Do we sit on our hands and hope real hard that Hodson blossoms into the super center we all want so bad? Do we do the same for Ennis and Grigorenko and Girgensons? Or do we make a play for Getzlaf. 27yrs old, 6ft4, 221lb. 5.325mil cap hit. 57 points for 2011/12. 1 year left on his contract. Is he worth the gamble? Given that his 57 points was made up of 46 assists, I have a hard time thinking that his production is tied irreversibly to the wingers on either side of him but that's just me, and I haven't dug very deep in to his stats.Does he fit the Ruff system? has he got any Defensive capacity? are his numbers skewed by lots of offensive zone starts, no PK time or anything like that?

We have some quality on our wings with Vanek, Pominville, Stafford, Foligno, ( like it or not ) Leino and Ott. Do we need another winger more than we need a big league center? Consider also that Perry and Ryan's point totals of 60 and 57 were made up of 37G 23A and 31G 26A respectively. Both skewed more toward shooting ( although for Ryan it could be argued that it's pretty much even over the course of a year. and again, I haven't dug that deep into his numbers either ), Not to say having a world class wing would be a burden, especially when they're worth 60 points in a season that didn't really take off until a coaching change halfway through but when we've got two solid shooters on our top line in Vanek and Pominville does it make sense to try and fix something that maybe isn't broken?

I'm probably arguing with myself here, but that happens a lot.

Let me know what you think, I'm sure you will anyway.

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