Some People Owe Darcy an Apology

That's right Sabre Fans. Apologies should be expressed because Darcy has now done everything you've been wanting him to do. First let's list the 3 biggest criticisms that have been written, said, or expressed about Darcy.

1. He is too in love with his core players

2. He can't, or won't, bring in big name free agents (Or he is unable to lure them here)

3. He doesn't make substantial moves during the trade dead-line

First lets discuss his core. We would agree that his core consisted of Roy, Vanek, Pomenville, Gaustad, Miller, and Connoly. In under 7 months he has let Connoly walk and he traded Gaustad for a #1 pick. That leaves Vanek, Pomenville, and Miller who most of us would like them to keep, and Roy who Darcy shopped but was unable to move.(And most of us believe he will be gone this Summer.)

Second lets discuss his ability to sign or attract free agents. Last Summer he dispelled all those rumors(having Pegula loosen up the purse strings helped) and was able to get two of the most sought after free agents in Ehrhoff and Leino, while also getting Regehr to waive his no trade clause.

Third let's discuss his moves at the trade deadline. Yesterday he answered his critics by making a huge move when he traded away blue chip prospect Kassian for a franchise center in Hodgeson. On top of that he stood his ground and got a first round draft pick for a Third/fourth line center in Gaustad. Now in year's Past, when he was unable to spend to the cap, or sign big names like Brian Campbell, he was forced to make a move in order to get value for an asset they wouldn't be able to sign. Having Pegula has allowed Darcy to be more aggressive and deal from a position of power. Hence getting the first round pick for Gaustad.

So step up Sabre fans and apologize to the man. He has answered your criticisms. Let's just hope these moves lead to a cup.

This is a FanPost written by a member of the community. It does not necessarily express the views or opinions of Die By The Blade.

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