Buffalo Sabres Holiday Gift Guide

Tom Pennington

It's holiday time, and that means it's time to spend way too much money on people you may or may not care about. Here's some timely gift ideas for the Sabres fan in your life.

As Andy Williams once sang, "It's the holiday season, and Santa Claus is bringin' toys to every good girl and good little boy." If you're looking for some last minute gifts for your loved one who loves the blue and gold, we've got some ideas for you. We present for your shopping pleasure:

Buffalo Sabres "Grub Jug" with removable bottom

Who among us hasn't, at one point in our lives, longed for a "grub jug'? Honestly, I have no idea what a grub jug is, but I assume it's a gigantic tub that you throw your leftover tailgating food into to make some sort of Devil's garbage plate. Pour some Blue Light over it for gravy, and you've got a disgusting tailgate treat that goes great with a lockout.

Let's discuss the official description Fire Joe Morgan-style for this one:

Rest, relax and cheer on your team while wearing this Buffalo Sabres Blue Scoreboard Adult 'Mansie' Footie Pajama Suit.
Personally, I would never be able to relax wearing something called a "Mansie."

Brought to you by College Concepts, this Buffalo Sabres pajamas suit features an all-over team design and is made from 100% polyester to provide a nice, comfortable feel.
Just because it's been called a "suit" twice now, that doesn't make these adult pajamas acceptable to wear in any social situation.

Become the ultimate fan with this stylish piece of Sabres team gear.
I think they need to double check their interpretations of "ultimate" and "stylish" here.

For the discerning fan, who only wants to hang a flag once per year, containing two things that have absolutely nothing to do with one another.

The only thing worse than a jersey foul is a jersey foul that you can hang on your wall. Imagine the conversation that happens when guests see this bad boy in the living room:

Guest: "Oh, wow, did you play for the Sabres?"
You: "No, I just though it would be cool to get my own name on a jersey and hang it on the wall for everyone to see."
Guest: "Oh...I gotta go."

For drying your lockout tears.

Happy Holidays!

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