Daily Links for Monday, January 23

We've got one more day to go until the next Sabres loss, so let's take a day to read some links that debate whether the super-rich, super-fan owner we all dreamed of is ruining the team. Now excuse me while I whack myself silly with a tire iron.

Don’t let the Buffalo Sabres sour you on extravagant spending - Puck Daddy
The Sabres have become the Great Gatsby of the NHL, and their extravagant spending is now being held up as the latest example of what not to do in free agency.

For NHL players, the cheque is (nearly) in the mail - The Globe and Mail
Eric Duhatschek takes a look at the escrow situation in his weekly NHL notes column and pays special attention to Buffalo.

Sabres are overdue for change at GM -The Buffalo News
Bucky's latest column echoes the thoughts of many fans.

Time To Clean House In Buffalo? - KuklasKorner
The Boston Globe thinks so.

Shades of Gray - The Goose's Roost
Do you have a favorite shirt? Ryan remembers his two favorite shirts, and how they taught him something easily forgotten over the last few weeks.

Bruins' Ference suspended for 3 games - NHL.com=
Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference has been suspended for 3 games without pay for boarding New York Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonagh.

Shanaban time for Alex Ovechkin after leaping hit on Penguins’ Zbynek Michalek? (Video) - Puck Daddy
There are a lot of labels Alex Ovechkin has yet to shake in his NHL career. One that's stuck since his early days with the Washington Capitals: That he leaves his skates on too many of his booming checks.

Break comes at bad time for Habs - The Globe and Mail
All-star hiatus comes just as Canadiens are picking up some momentum to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.

On-ice testing with the Philadelphia Flyers - THN
Dr. Denis Boucher explains his methods used to help in finding optimal training techniques with the Flyers.

McKenzie: Compelling, crazy drama of Cammalleri trade - TSN
A bit late, but still a fine read.

How The NHL (And Other Sports Leagues) Can Eliminate Illegal, Pirated Video Streams - SBNation.com
The NHL hates pirated video feeds, and they support SOPA as a way to get rid of them. Little do they realize, they have the power to eliminate them on their own.

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