Question on Ehrhoff

As per my usual Internets (well specifically SBNation) searching on any players acquired by the Sabres I ran across this thread.  

It seems to me that a lot of the Vancouver fans think that Ehrhoff is overrated for one reason or another.  They don't seem to mind at all that he's gone.  

There seems to be a lot of back and forth regarding the structure of the contract and I really don't care much about that because of Pegula's deep pockets - but are we as Buffalo fans just jacked because of the Pegula effect? 

I'm essentially just wondering if we're thinking that because the Sabres are spending money on guys that they traditionally haven't in the past that we're more excited than we should be.  Are we overpaying for Ehrhoff?  

I would really like to get some unbiased opinions on him as a player - his strengths and weaknesses and how in reality you guys think he will help the Sabres.

I'm all for making moves and acquiring talent - but I don't want them making splashes and spending money on players that aren't worth their contracts.  I understand that the cap hit is "only" about $4 million per  year so it's not terrible but I also don't want to see Pegula throwing his money away on guys that might be mediocre.  

Basically - what's the talent level of this guy?  Is he going to be a major upgrade to what we have on defense?  Did we over pay for him?  

I love Pegula - but I want him to be some what smart with his money so he can make sure the Sabres remain a contender for the next 15-20 years with him as an owner.  If he keeps spending money on guys that might not be worth their contracts how long before a change of philosophy would be needed?

I don't want to make it sound that i'm against any of the moves because i'm super excited about them - I, however, am basically just a Sabres fan and I really don't pay much attention to the NHL save for watching every single Sabres game I can (damn you Dish Network!!!!).  So i'm really looking for some expert fan opinion on this move and how that translates into more wins for our club in the playoffs.  

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