Daily Links for Wednesday, June 29

Two days to go until the free agent floodgates open, but most of the Sabres links we have deal with nothing of the sort. After the break, Hall of Fame news and a few goofy links.

Christmas comes early for Regier - The Buffalo News
Sabres GM has $15 million available for shopping spree when free agency begins Friday.

Agent: No contract offers between Connolly, Sabres - Sabres Edge
The Sabres chats this week with the agent for center Tim Connolly have not included any contract proposals, agent J.P. Barry told The News by phone this afternoon.

The Buffalo Sabres today announced a daily schedule of on-ice times for the team’s summer development camp from July 5-10 at Dwyer Arena on the campus of Niagara University in Lewiston, N.Y.

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello - Buffalo Power Play
Frustrated, at first with Robyn Regehr's caution, then with the rumors of his denial, and at last overjoyed with his acceptance, the prevailing question for those three days was this: What’s taking so long?

THE Most Important Sabres Question You Will Ever Answer - Shutdown Pair
Which Sabre gets ownership of the nickname 'Reggie'?

NHL Entry Draft review - Two Minutes for Roughing
Did you forget who the Sabres just drafted? Well here you go!

Realignment. - Dear God Why Us Sports
More speculation on some future realignment.

Niewendyk, Belfour, Mark Howe, Gilmour all get Hall of Fame nod - NHL.com
When the class of 2011 received word that they would be inducted into the Hall of Fame, there was a unanimous sense of awe about the achievement.

Hockey Hall of Fame selection process needs overhaul - ESPN
It remains a great stain on the Hockey Hall of Fame selection process that coach Pat Burns was once again denied even though his resume, one that includes a Stanley Cup win and three Jack Adams Awards as coach of the year with three different teams, is without peer.

Canucks unable to keep Christian Ehrhoff - NHL.com
The Canucks have given up any hope of re-signing Ehrhoff before July 1.

Breaking down the Steven Stamkos saga leading up to July 1 - Bolts Report
After fielding what felt like a thousand questions surrounding Steven Stamkos yesterday and what is going on, I feel compelled to try and break things down as best I can and offer some perspective on the situation.

Ranking the top 10 hockey fights of 2010-11 - Puck Daddy
The best of the brawls of the 2010-11 season.

NHL Players as Kids - Tumblr
If you like cute pictures of kids, then you should probably bookmark this Tumblr page.

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