Daily Links for Thursday, May 12

This guy may have given the Flyers a bit of trouble, especially in a certain Game Five...

If the Sabres-Flyers series isn't still haunting your dreams, then you may be able to stomach the two links we have today dealing with how the Sabres gave the Flyers problems. After the break, two pretty great links from the pretty great Puck Daddy blog.

Sabres' Gragnani still showing he can play with the best - Buffalo News
If there's one thing to expect from Marc-Andre Gragnani today, it's that he'll be calm.

A recap of Ennis' rookie season.

Lalime’s legacy: beloved teammate - Tonawanda News
Stick tap to bgred105 for the link - a nice article by Bill Hoppe on the legacy of Patrick Lalime.

Did the Buffalo series cost Flyers in second round? - CSN Philly
The Flyers' efforts in Game 7 against the Buffalo Sabres and Game 1 against the Boston Bruins were like night and day. But why?

Defensive breakdowns in the playoffs, Part 1 - Broad Street Hockey
This is the first of many posts from BSH covering the Flyers defensive breakdowns in each game of the playoffs, frame by frame. It's a long read, but very well worth it if you want to learn more about defensive responsibilities. This post is only for game 1 of the Sabres-Flyers series.

Red Wings have Game 7 experience on Sharks - NHL.com
The Red Wings have a huge advantage in Game 7 experience on the Sharks, but the players know that experience doesn't mean everything.

Sharks can find inspiration from Canucks - ESPN
Two weeks ago, the Vancouver Canucks arrived home facing a Game 7 many people didn't think they were going to win.

The Impact of Rest in the Playoffs - Behind The Net
We always hear that a team with more rest prior to a series has an advantage and we'd expect the numbers to bear that out, no doubt. So here's the expected and actual winning percentage in the first game of 2nd round, 3rd round and Cup Finals since 1979-80 for varying amounts of rest:

Report: Blue Jackets lost $25-million last season - The Globe and Mail
NHL franchise had both their highest payroll in franchise history and their lowest attendance record during this past season

The 10 most fascinating NHL playoff beards of 2011 (so far) - Puck Daddy
Guess who's number one? C'mon, it's not that hard.

Video: Selling Swedish condoms with bunny rabbit hockey - Puck Daddy
Oh, how cute! Rabbits dressed like hockey players, scurrying around a rink like a varmint version of the "Puppy Bowl" and … and …Oh. My. Gawd.

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