Playoff prediction

I was reading on Yahoo, and they had playoff predictions. Here is mine.


Sabres/Flyers: Sabres in 6

Capitals/Rangers: Caps in 5

Bruins/Canadiens: Bruins in 6

Lightning/Penguins: Lightning in 7


Canucks/Blackhawks: Canucks in 5

Sharks/Kings: Sharks in 6

Ducks/Predators: Predators in 7


Stanley Cup Final: Sabres/Canucks

Winner: Sabres in 7

I think Buffalo has a chance at winning because they are underrated, after a slow start to the season they are in top form. The Canucks are good, but I think our goaltending/defense can overcome their offense. We have had the Bruins number all year if it comes to playing them in the playoffs, and we can beat them this year. Everyone in the east is beatable for us, as we are probably a bit of a surprise in skill after heating up at the end of the season with a slow start. If Kaleta stays healthy, our number of PPs should increase, as will the number of turnovers in our favor because the other teams will be hearing his footsteps and looking over their shoulders, and they will attempt to retaliate instead of play the game. With Miller having rested, and a solid backup in Enroth, our goalie situation is looking good. Hopefully Leopold will be back soon, although our defense is probably better at defense without him. Our scoring will increase if he comes back, though. With Vanek hitting a hot streak at the right time, as well as Stafford, our chances of going deep have increased. Maybe saying Buffalo will go the full way was a little optimistic, but hey, Buffalo needs some optimism.  Philly has been Cold as Ice, to quote Lou Gramm.  If we match up against Tampa, Stamkos has been silent lately, and Roloson is not the greatest goalie in the world. The Lightning don't really have much of a defense, either. Against the Caps, again, our goaltending is better, as is our defense. Vanek has been much hotter than any of the Caps scorers lately, with a hattrick and a 4 point game with a playmaker in his last few games of the season. If Roy is back in the second round, he might be able to help with the scoring as well. Boyes is due to start scoring soon, too. Right now we have momentum, with excitement and energy in the fans and the team. Buffalo has been very good over the last half of the season, and I see no reason for that to stop in the playoffs. Please add your own predictions in the comments, and  GO BUFFALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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