Daily Links for Wednesday, March 2

Tyler! This is no time to be laying down on the job! [Ed note: This joke would have gotten a huge laugh in a 1920's silent movie]

Yuge win for the Sabres last night, Tom, yuge. After the break, we have more trade deadline analysis including a really cool video from the league office about how trade calls are sent in on deadline day.

Rangers Recap: Rangers "Just Run Out Of Time" Again in 3-2 Loss to Sabres - Blueshirt Banter
A recap from our friends at Blueshirt Banter.

Sabres shift thinking with Boyes trade - The Buffalo News
The NHL trade deadline was as quiet as it's been in years. Darcy Regier, however, feels a few messages were sent loud and clear in Buffalo.

Ruff: One Game At A Time - WGR 550
The Sabres have a better record on the road than at home (15-10-4 vs. 14-15-3) and Lindy Ruff believes he knows why.

Is It Possible To Reach The Top Without Bottoming? Pt I | THE BEST OF NICK MENDOLA . . .LIVE
"I’m really sorry to sour the effect Pegula’s millions can have in the immediate future, but the “Wait til July 1st” folks have me feeling obligated to issue this warning about the perceived EXTREME STAR MAKEOVER of the Sabres in short order. This is Part I. Part II will arrive Thursday."

Good times in Buffalo - The Globe and Mail
The Sabres shift from sellers into buyers just in time to get Brad Boyes, keep Tim Connolly. 

Video: Watch how an NHL trade call goes down - Puck Daddy
Courtesy of NHL Network, check out this cool glimpse at how a trade call goes down in the League offices.

As deadline fades, which NHL teams moved closer to the Cup? - Puck Daddy
Some know that with an aggressive move or two, they can solidify their Cup chances around the deadline. Here are a few teams that may have done just that.

Niemi signs four-year extension with Sharks - NHL.com
Antti Niemi and the San Jose Sharks have agreed on a four-year contract extension that keeps the goaltender with the team through the 2014-15 season.

Focus is Key to Mastering the Art of Goaltending - Bangin Panger
The greatest of goaltenders are masters of their own mind, controlling their emotions, their highs and lows, to remain focused and intent on the task at hand. This kid isn't quite there.

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