Daily Links for Wednesday, December 28

Mama in her kerchief, and Ryan in his pads, had just settled down for a long winters nap.

Will week number six be the week that the Buffalo Sabres finally win two games in a row? Only time will tell.

Devils host Sabres, who chase consecutive wins - NHL.com
Your official preview for tonight's game.

Time to get on a roll is long overdue - The Buffalo News
The Buffalo Sabres are looking to start a winning streak tonight against the New Jersey Devils.

Sabres roar out of Christmas break, down Caps - Tonawanda News
The Christmas break could be a turning point, a start of a fresh season.

Slump takes Stafford's breath away - The Buffalo News
It's the same in all sports, really. When you're hot, your eyes get big and the target seems to get larger. And when you struggle?

Sabres Prospects 2011-12 Top 10 goals at the break - SabresProspects.com
The best goals this year from the baby Sabres.

ESPN Ignores Hockey Deaths, Pulling Hockey Community Closer Together - SBNation.com
ESPN ignored hockey in perhaps the most disrespectful way to date, excluding a full year of hockey tragedy in their 2011 Year in Review segment. But as coverage of the game shifts, it's time to realize that ESPN doesn't control the message. Average fans do.

Hannukah at a Hockey Rink - The Algemeiner
The Coyotes vs Panthers hockey game last Tuesday was no ordinary game.

Ward joins list of 10 NHL goalies to score goal - NHL.com
Cam Ward joined some famous -- and infamous -- company Monday night when he became the 10th NHL goalie credited with scoring a goal.

Fraser: Thoughts on the Foligno hit...and see you in 2012! - TSN
In the final C'Mon Ref of 2011, Kerry Fraser checks out Nick Foligno's hit on Florida's Keaton Ellerby on Thursday night.

Surprising Panthers have proven resilient - The Globe and Mail
Kevin Dineen is a man who seems to like words.

Wild, Panthers own world juniors wealth - THN
Both Minnesota and Florida have a bright future based on the talent playing in the WJC alone.

Puck Daddy’s 10 best hockey saves of 2011 - Puck Daddy
No Sabres goalies here but some fine tending work nonetheless.

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