Just a few random thoughts…

Not a big fan here about this latest tidbit regarding Philipp Gogulla.  It came from the Sabres Edge courtesy of John Vogl, under the title “Biega Signs With Sabres”.  According to this site  -, Gogulla is no longer going to be a Pirate/Sabre.  Here’s the rough translation to save you time:

“Bang shortly after the end of the home World Cup! The financially ailing Cologne Sharks are apparently saved and can also immediately announce a spectacular transfer. According to information of ice hockey played Philip Gogulla NEWS (Photo: City Press) in the new season again for the Sharks.

The national player tried his luck in the last season in North America. With the Portland Pirates in the AHL Gogulla but was not happy and is now back in the cathedral city. Also, another new signing appears to fix: This is defender Brett Skinner, who last played for the Lake Erie Monsters of the AHL.”

Now I don’t think Gogulla is going to be the savior of this franchise.  But he is a high quality prospect, ranked in the top ten by  And he’s the only left winger with any size going all the way down to Foligno, who is a long shot at best.  German comparisons aside, I see him as the next Hecht.  Why is he not “happy”?  I don’t know the loot he made in Portland, but if he makes the NHL, it’s pretty safe to assume he’ll make more here than over in Cologne.  Am I wrong on that?

It seems like it’s harder and harder nowadays to draft and develop a European player.  I can completely understand why the organization has moved to a North American Player only/preferably stance.  

Hockeysfuture actually did a piece on Gogulla’s 2005 draft, right here -

The Sabres still have Gragnani, Gerbe, and Butler to fall back on before calling this draft a total bust (I’m giving up on Generous).  Still, if that German website is correct, the Sabres have now lost out on their two top picks from that draft.  That stinks.

I don’t know if I’ve seen a series of sports TV commercials that I like more than the NHL’s “History Will Be Made” bunch.  Absolutely love ‘em.

How did Luke Adam play in the three playoff games for Portland?  I saw he had 2 assists, and was a +/- 0.  Just wondering if he looked out of place or not.

Going back to the Sabres Edge article by John Vogl, he reports the Sabres signed the Harvard kid Biega.  Is it me, or do they have too many middle of the road defensemen in the organization right now?  Not all of these kids are gonna make it.  Having defensive depth is great.  There is no depth in the organization though in the forward ranks, and it might be time to flip some of this defensive depth for some front liners.  

How good is Enroth going to be?  Is he worth keeping around to develop under Miller, or is he a great trade piece right now?  

Again, for the thousandth time, I deplore some of the things in the current CBA.  It’s so ridiculously stupid that Kassian has to play in Buffalo, or the Juniors, with the AHL not an option.  Myers was faced with this last year, and it may end up being a once in a generation thing that worked out so well.  Kassian is a man amongst boys in Juniors; his game is not being developed there anymore.  

Free Agency starts a few days after the draft, right?  And when do players start to have arbitration hearings?

When is this team going to announce the jersey switch-over?  From a PR stand point, wouldn’t it be prudent to do it soon?

Still waiting to hear about a Ruff extension.  He can’t possibly go into next season as a lame duck coach, can he?

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