Sabres 2008 Draft

The players the Sabres drafted in the 2008 draft are making our organization look pretty darn impressive.

List of Picks:

Tyler Myers, D (WHL – Kelowna)  - Should win the Calder and has easily been the best Sabres D-man this year
6’7, 204 lbs.
Round 1, 12th Overall

Tyler Ennis, C (WHL – Medicine Hat) - Won AHL Rookie of the Year and earned a spot on Sabres playoff roster
5’9, 146 lbs. 
Round 1, 26th Overall

Luke Adam, C (QMJHL – St. John’s) - Finished 2nd in QMJHL MVP voting (49 Goals, 49 assists, +34)
6’2, 203 lbs. 
Round 2, 44th Overall

Corey Fienhage, D (High School – Eastview High, MN) - North Dakota  rugged D-man with great size)

6’2, 190 lbs. 
Round 3, 81st Overall

Justin Jokinen, RW (High School – Cloquet, MN) - Minn State Forward w/ good vision, skating, shot
6’2, 165 lbs.
Round 4, 101st Overall

Jordan Southorn, D (QMJHL – PEI) - PEI rugged stay at home defender
6’2, 185 lbs.
Round 4, 104th Overall

Jacob Lagace, LW (QMJHL – Chicoutimi) - posted 35G, 38A, and +11 with Cape Breton
5’11, 190 lbs.
Round 5, 134th Overall

Nick Crawford, D (OHL – Saginaw) - Signed with Portland and strong contributions in playoffs for Barrie
6’1”, 188 lbs.
Round 6, 164th Overall


From just the first 3 picks alone this draft looks like a major success, but I have high hopes for Legace and Crawford as well.  Give Adams, Legace and Crawford at least a year in Portland to develop and we once again have some serious talent waiting in the wings. 

I have often thought that Darcy's plan of drafting and developing has been a succesful one (if Miller isn't injured last year we make the playoffs).  BUT I feel that starting next offseason we make the big moves.  I truly believe the Sabres are a number one Center and one more puck moving d-man from being in the top 4 teams in the NHL and having a serious shot at winning every year.  I feel that with Miller being in his prime for the next few years, NOW IS THE TIME to make the big moves and possibly trade away some of the abundant talent we already have waiting.



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