Daily Links for Thursday, April 29

In case you went to bed at 8pm last night, the Montreal Canadiens just invalidated 95% of all the expert's playoff picks by upsetting the Washington Capitals 2-1 in Game Seven. I don't know about you, but that makes me feel just a tiny bit better about the Sabres.

Rivet to have shoulder surgery, will miss start of next season - Sabres Edge
Craig Rivet has been playing with a double tear in his left shoulder since 11-29-08. Hmm, now maybe we understand why you looked so terrible?

The System - The Goose's Roost
Ryan pens a fantastic post about the organization, the relationship they've cultivated with the fans, and whether or not it's fair to us to buy in to the team. Read this.

Glum's the word in Sabreland - The Buffalo News
Not that it matters now, but things could have been different Wednesday. Instead of gathering at HSBC Arena to clean out their lockers and say goodbye, the Buffalo Sabres could have been plotting strategy for the second round.

More Sabres:

Buffalo Sabres Blogger Post-Mortem - From The Rink
Where will the Buffalo Sabres go from here? A special look ahead with SBN's Sabres blogger, David Oleksy.

Eulogy: Remembering the 2009-10 Buffalo Sabres - Puck Daddy
It's our turn to get roasted by Bruins blogger Cameron Frye.

HAMILTON: Sabres Offseason - The Marriage Must End - WGR 550
Paul Hamilton argues that the time for change in the front office is now.

Razor's Edge - WGR 550
What does Rob Ray have to say about Lindy Ruff and Tim Connolly? Find out here.

Sullivan: Regier model for Sabres didn't work - The Buffalo News
A year ago at this time, Sabres managing partner Larry Quinn was busy conducting what he called "the most thorough top-to-bottom evaluation ever done here." Critics were naive enough to think there would be some major changes on a team that had missed the playoffs two years in a row. Instead, they did nothing.


East Playoffs:

Halak's heroics lead Canadiens to Game 7 win - NHL.com
Jaroslav Halak continued his playoff heroics, as he turned aside 41 shots leading the Canadiens to a courageous 2-1 victory over the top-seeded Capitals in Game 7.

How often has No. 8 defeated No. 1? - NHL.com
It's happened enough times that the eighth-seeded Canadiens had a chance to upset the top-seeded Capitals.

Montreal makeover paying dividends - The Globe and Mail
Captain-less Habs prove anything but a rudderless ship against vaunted Washington Capitals.

Patient Penguins ready for next round - The Globe and Mail
Week-long layoff not a concern to Pengins coach Dan Bylsma.


West Playoffs:

Red Wings face long road back to Stanley Cup final - THN
Being in the Western Conference is tough enough for a team from the east, but the Wings may face their toughest test yet.

Blackhawks will face a different Canucks team - The Globe and Mail
Goaltender Roberto Luongo has displayed an incredible sense of confidence he didn’t possess when the teams met in last year’s playoffs.


Around the NHL:

Octopuses, Beef & Other Items Hockey Fans Throw on the Ice - Mental Floss
We all know about Octopi and hats, but paper airplanes? Leopard Sharks?

First round performances - THN
We're just about ready to move on to Round 2, but before we do, here's a look back at the best from a phenomenal first round.

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