So I lied about not posting for a couple days!

Sorry Rafal about beating you to the punch but I need to get this off my chest...

Connolly: Has played well in the playoffs before but I believe injuries have taken there toll on him. Won't go into traffic anymore. No secret on how to defend him, just hit him and he goes away BYE BYE Timmy

Ellis: I bet he was still trying to shoot from the bench. I like Ellis but he is totally replaceable.

Ennis: Future St. Louis and makes Connolly expendable nuff said

Gaustad: He better thank god that very few Sabres have more balls than him. His faceoff skill should keep him here for the forseeable future.

Gerbe: Good offensive player who playes with some heart. Too bad this team is already littered with midgets and Ennis is better. Need an upgrade

Grier: Love me some token but Father time waits for no man. Would love to see him on our coaching staff in the near future. Thanks for the memories.

Hecht: Best season as a Sabre, but a pinkie injury keeps you out of the playoffs?!?! Someone should have glued a stick to your hands. Needed you bad this postseason. Hope this doesn't destroy your locker room cred.

Kaleta: Love'em! Physical and gritty with some hands. Plays with the passion you would expect from someone who is playing for the team he grew up rooting for. Should put some fear into the opposition for years to come.

Kennedy: Ups and downs you would have expected from a rookie. Good first season and looking forward to a solid player in the near future.

Mair: Has more heart than anyone on this roster. Unfortunately the game has passed him by. Been a great teammate. Wish some others on this roster played with his passion.

McCormick: Hopefully our next Mair.

Pommer: I liked his game through out the regular season and the playoffs. Not as skilled as Connolly or Roy. Not as much heart as Kaleta or Mair. Good all around player but someone we shouldn't rely on to get us to the next level. Should be here as a role player in the near future.

Roy: BYE BYE!!! I bet Cellino and Barnes wish they donated a thousand bucks per playoff goal instead! Classic regular season paycheck earner. Darcy needs to get what he can for this guy while he still has some value.

Stafford: Bills reference! Stafford=Mike Williams. All the talent in the world but just doesn't give a fuck. Kind of guy who only plays because it pays well. BYE BYE! Hope we can still fleece the Oilers!!!

Torres: Never given a chance to prove himself. Never proved he deserved a chance. Got fat and lazy on a team going nowhere and couldn't turn it around fast enough to work out here. Classic Darcy deadline pickup, not a star player but I think we expected at least a goal out of you.

Vanek: Had a down year but he will rebound. I said to my cousin before the series that if we got a goal a game out of you we would be ok. Just sucks that you only played in two games(and a period). Looking forward to a return to 40 goals.

Butler: Not bad, not good. Still needs to develop his game. Should be at least serviceable in the near future.

Lydman: Was good for us for a good part of his career. Still gives the puck away too much to overcome his defensive ability. Another thanks for the memories guy.

Montador: Average season from an average player. Looking forward to more of the same.

Myers: If he isn't our next captian than Lindy should be fired. Will only get better. Was our best skater this year hands down. I would even say he was the best Sabre if Miller didn't have such a great first 40 games.

Rivet: Gritty leader but just as Grier and Mair, Father time waits for no man. Will still occupy 5-6 D-man spot next year because we don't have much toughness in our defense.

Lalime: Wish the Sabres played better in front of him this season. Wish he played well enough to inspire the Sabres to play well in front of him. Great locker room guy but his spot will be taken by Enroth next year.

Miller: Heart and Soul of this team. Finally became elite this year but seemed to burn out again. Even Atlas's shoulders get tired sometimes. Had a Hart trophy first half but was burnt out by the Olympics and playing over 65 games this year.

Ruff: Usually gets the most out of his players but has seemed to lost some of this roster. Has a tendency to juggle lines too much and burn his starting goalie out. Still one of the best coaches out there and still an asset to our team. Hope that he doesn't get frustrated here and moves on.

Overall: We have some good talent and some good heart and grit guys. Need to cut some fat and get someone who can consistently set Vanek up. Also need a PP QB and a couple forwards with some size. Should be good enough to contend for a cup in the near future.

This is a FanPost written by a member of the community. It does not necessarily express the views or opinions of Die By The Blade.

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