Good Season Boys... (Kry Style)

Life long Sabres fan, but first season on DBTB with you boys and girls. Didnt even know what SBNation was until just about the time the season started... and Im glad I did. The Game Threads, the EVERY DAY Daily Links, the countless stories. It was awesome. DO, Andy, ZZ, Rafal, Krys "dumps"... all you guys... it was fun. Im sure Ill be stopping by everyday still... but its just not the same during the offseason.

I dont know how you guys do it everyday, but I truely enjoyed it.

The season was awesome. Myers out of the gate. Miller playing O U T - O F - H I S - M I N D all year. The ups, the downs... and the inbetweens. The comebacks and the getting blown out. Losing 5 straight to Ottawa, then getting them with Vanek scoring 4 at the end of the season. The comeback against Pitt. The blow outs of TB. Lalime winning his 200th. It was great. We have a lot of talent coming up the ranks... and all I can say is THANK GOD. This team played well... but not well enough.

Team MVP: Miller - no doubt about it. Hope he takes home the Vezina. That would be nice at least.

I enjoyed the "small community" we had all year here. Your posts dont get lost in the shuffle... people reply when you have a question. It really was like watching the games with your friends.

Im sure I missed a hell of a lot... Ijust wanted to thank you guys for all you did all year. I know youll be having stories up all summer... and Ill still be stopping by... but after this disappointing lose to the Bruins Ill need some away time from DBTB lol.

Again thanks to all you guys/girls. The 09-10 season was quite a shock, I had us going to the playoffs... but didnt expect the NE division and the amazing play of Miller.

This team will look a little different next year... Lots of woulda-coulda-shouldas left on the ice after this loss... But thats why we're all Sabres fans right?? Because you know we'll all be back. 10-11 is our year boys!!!!

Haha little bit of a Kry dump style here... lot of rambling but you guys get what Im tryin to say here...

Heres to next year being THE year!

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