Seventh Heaven: Evan From Stanley Cup Of Chowder

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. What better way to learn about your opposition than speaking with a member standing on the other side of the battle field? Being that a series can extend to a maximum of seven games, that's how many questions we'll ask. Superstitious or not, it seems like the right number because we don't want to push our luck. And it was George Costanza's first choice as a name for his baby in an episode of Seinfeld. You cannot script this any better. 

Our first guest and hopefully not our last, is Evan, the editor at SB Nation's Boston Bruins blog, Stanley Cup of Chowder. Offering his insight on this first round match-up, his honest opinion on each matter is appreciated as it helps dig deeper into understanding the Buffalo Sabres' foe.

Questions with responses after the jump.

1) Boston is coming into this series with a low-scoring offense, a few key injuries and a rookie netminder with no playoff experience. How do you feel about each of these cases and which has you the most concerned?

Rask's inexperience doesn't really bother me much. Their lack of goal scoring and the injuries to Marc Savard, Mark Stuart, and Dennis Seidenberg are much bigger concerns.

2) If Rask drops the ball in a game or two, is Tim Thomas' inclusion possible given his experience from last year or will Claude Julien likely stick with his youngster? 

It depends on how badly he "drops the ball". Right now, it looks like Rask is the go-to guy throughout the playoffs. I think I speak for most B's fans when I say that I am much more comfortable with Rask in net.

3) With Marc Savard sidelined, which Bruins forward do you expect or hope will weigh in with more production than what he may be used to?

We have been waiting all season for Michael Ryder to show up. Now would be a great time for that to happen.

4) Does Boston's edge in the season series give you confidence?

Not really. I think that the Bruins match up with Buffalo a lot better than they do against Washington, New Jersey, or Pittsburgh, but I wouldn't read too much into the regular season series. Both of the Bruins regulation wins came against someone other than Ryan Miller.

5) Aside from Ryan Miller, which Sabres representative do you believe can be a series-changer?

Derek Roy is one of those pesky players that can burn you with his speed. 

6) Tell us why the Boston Bruins can win this series and how.

They have nothing to lose. They already have the No.2 pick in this year's draft and nobody is expecting them to do anything in the playoffs. That can be a dangerous team to face.

7) Finally, what is your prediction for the outcome of this series?

Buffalo in seven.

A big thanks to Evan for his answers, particularly on that last question.

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