Down the stretch...

Well I thought that the Olympic break was everything that his team needed. Big guns (Vanek, Roy, Connolly, Pominville) all had over 2 weeks of rest. This was their time to relax, and find their game again. Well two games back from the break and the same old stuff is happening. And last night during the Sabres - Caps game I had a real tough time watching this team. Outshot almost 2-1, again... And when Miller was making saves to keep us in the game, again... we started to hang our heads?! I saw plenty of times during stoppage in play where they panned the bench and heads were down, same on the ice. They look like they just dont care. Millers post-game interview spoke 100% of what Im trying to say. Hes pissed too, and you can tell. Wouldnt you? Giving up 2 goals, on 39 shots to the Caps. Stopping OV cold point blank a few times...

Which brings me to this point. POINT BLANK CHANCES!!!! We had at least 5 last night. Ellis shot 4 feet wide on a half empty net. Myers shot one of the D-mans leg (who had no stick) at a half empty net. Pominvile, my God... does he ever get a shot to go in anymore? The whole thing this entire season has been Miller is amazing but where the O?? Which is why I changed my signature to read what someone in the game thread posted... So thank you for my new sig "Jsz"

"Its always Miller Time
Whens it gonna be Sabres-Offense Time?"
- by Jsz on Mar 3, 2010 6:25 PM PST

We need goal scorers... So these are my new line combos to try and spark that...

Vanek - Connolly - Stafford
Torres - Roy - Pominville
Ennis - Gerbe - Grier
Hecht - Gaustad - Kaleta

     Myers - Tallinder
     Sekera - Lydman
        Rivet - Butler


edit: With Gaustad out then maybe bring up McCormick? That would be nice to have him get up here before the playoffs.

With Kennedy and Montador as the scratches. Let Mair try and clear waviers again, dont care at this point if he does or not. He brings NOTHING to this team IMO. "Mairs office" is cute, but Im not looking for cute. I want to win. I want Buffalo to win. I want all of you guys to win.

I know with these lineups Hecht loses some playing time... But I think he can twilight with the top 3 lines and fill in certain shifts or whatever, plus the PK.

Im sick of D-men playing on the wing also. Im not sure if I mentioned this above... but it needs to be re-iterated if I hadn't.

What do you guys think? And if this is used a place to rant, thats fine with me too. I didnt want to take any stories that DO and the boys have written and turn it into a bitch-fest. So I made this one for that lol.

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