Where are we?

After leading the division for most of the season and playing pretty well we are at a time where we can really look back and see what our season has been and can become.

The Good

 1.  Miller: Honestly did anyone expect Ryan to emerge as a superstar elite netminder this year? We all knew that he would be good but....  Another Hart trophy goalie in Buffalo? He prob won't win it but he has to be in the mix.

 2. Hecht: Having his best season in Buffalo. I would like to personally thank Kruup for lighting a fire under Jochen's ass by not including him into the pre olympic roster. But even before that he was still one of our best two way (the system) players. Always reliable and that will earn plenty of playing time with Lindy.

 3. Kaleta: Raise your hand if you thought he would EVER, if not this year make it to 10 goals in a season. Add 4 game winners to that. Makes me wan't to see the "dice roll" that much more. I think we would have taken Avery's best season from Kaleta at any point in his career, it's great to get it now. I hope it's just not his only one and I don't think it is.

 4. Myers: I think my cousin said it best the other day "It's a shame that the best player on this team is a rookie". I replied " by far"  Only good things to come from next years C.

 The Bad

  1. No elite scorer:  Chances are that Kaleta, Mair and Grier arent going to get you out of the first round. This team has thrived on one hot guy for stretches in the regular season. With checking tightning up do we have the firepower to do some damage? Time for someone or two to step up and get going.

 2. Lack of focus: How many times after a loss have you heard " We didn't play the system"  Darcy and Lindy have been here for a very long time. Lindy is a very good coach. Darcy is a good GM. But there is always a time limit in sports no matter if you play, manage or coach. Still wonder how much time Darcy and Lindy have here with no championships. Something tells me that just one might ensure employment for the forseeable future :)

 Add on that we are not the best team in the East and will have to make a miracle run through NJ(always tough) Pitt( defending cup champs) and Washington( monster favorite IMHO) to get to play the best the West has to offer. Not as easy of a task as say.... The Canes and the Oilers.

 So where are we? Does Miller's rise to superstardom create false hope and should we be thinking next year when our guys grow just a little more? Will we have enough to pull it off this year? Does Darcy have a blockbuster in the offseason to make us think more for next year? Opinions?

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